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Best CBD Oil for Dogs 2022 – Are there CBD Oil for Dogs Side Effects?

Many people are familiar with the debate about the medical uses of the cannabis sativa plant products.

What few people may know is that these medical uses do not only apply to humans but also to pets. Cannabidiol or CBD oil, which has become a significant trend in medical supplements, is derived from the Cannabis sativa plant, or simply cannabis or hemp.

While this product has a huge fan base for its wide range of uses, few people know the full range of its uses.

This article provides information about CBD oil for dogs, reviews the five best CBD oils for dogs 2022, and compares them to help you decide what might be best for your pet.

Read along to learn about the benefits of CBD oil for dogs, including alleviating anxiety, pain, nervousness, and seizures. Also, read through our detailed list of the best CBD oils to buy in 2022 to help cut your research work by finding all the information you need in one document.

Why and How We Made a List of the Best CBD Oil for Dogs?

Our Reason for Writing This Article

All of us here in HealthStatus are animal lovers and pet parents. Although each of us cares for a unique animal species, we all agree on one thing 一 We always want what’s best for our dogs, cats, reptiles, amphibians, birds, pigs, fish, ferrets, rodents, marsupials, you name it.

Our pets can suffer from various physical, emotional, and mental conditions. Most of the time, their problems come with old age. Sometimes it’s caused by the environment we share with them and the lifestyle we live. Then there’s the chance of accidents.

It breaks our hearts to see our pets suffer from pain, and it’s even more heartbreaking to deal with the fact that there’s nothing we can do to lessen or make the hurt disappear. But one team member shared a bittersweet experience of her dog and CBD oil in our Skype discussion of pet owners:

“Sunnah, our dog before, was suffering from arthritis and kidney disease in her last eleven months. She couldn’t stand straight for long, walked weirdly, vomited a lot, peed in places where she should not, became bedridden, and lost her appetite. The vet told us there was nothing that could be done, and she had more or less three months left to live. Her medications no longer worked, and increasing her doses of pain relievers would cause liver damage, amplifying her suffering and accelerating the countdown of her remaining days.”

“The only option left was that she had to be put down to stop prolonging her pain. We were devastated, especially my daughter, who Sunnah was very fond of as they grew up together from baby and puppy to college student and a Jack Russell Terrier mother of 33. We said we’d think about it and went home together. In our heads, Sunnah was really old. Nineteen years of being a source of joy to our home were more than enough for her. But we just weren’t ready to say goodbye. At least not yet for the moment.”

“She was getting more and more emaciated as the days went by. Sunnah couldn’t fully stand up to eat her meals. We had to spoon-feed her and use a watering tube every day so she wouldn’t starve and thirst. Even so, she only ate a few chunks of her food and drank a few ounces of water. That’s when we decided to have her put down because we could no longer stand to see her condition worsening every day. We called the vet and got a schedule due in five days.”

“Fortunately, two days after calling the vet, a close friend of mine with her daughter visited our place to ask for my help finding a buyer for their property in Winnipeg. I could never forget that fateful visit. She immediately noticed how gloomy our home and expressions were and that there wasn’t a lively Jack Russell Terrier that greeted them. We told her about Sunnah’s condition, the decision we’ve made, and the incoming schedule with the vet.”

“But before my daughter and me burst into tears after sharing such a grim reminder, my friend interrupted us with, ‘Hold your tears, it isn’t too late. You haven’t tried giving Sunnah CBD Oil for dogs, haven’t you?’ I just looked at her with furrowed brows. I didn’t know what this CBD oil she was talking about. Then my daughter had this ‘eureka!’ moment. She, my friend, and her daughter took turns explaining what CBD oil is and its benefits.”

“I’m familiar with the use of cannabis plants for medical and recreational use among people, especially in cancer patients. But I have never heard that it has a specific compound that can benefit animals medically. It was even more dumbfounding that CBD oil products are mainstream, widely available, and mostly legal in countries where cannabis plants of any sort are viewed negatively.”

“I was immediately sold, thinking that there was nothing to lose aside from a few dollars. The way they explained CBD oil for dogs to me sounded so promising. I made my daughter order two oil tincture bottles from CBDistillery right away before proceeding to the discussion about my friend’s Winnipeg property.”

“The day before Sunnah was scheduled to be euthanized, I called the vet to cancel our appointment and told him we intend to try giving our dog CBD oil as her food supplement. We then did our best to keep her alive until the bottles arrived. Fast forward a week after we’ve received the oil tinctures and giving Sunnah regular doses, we noticed an improvement in her eating and drinking.”

“At first, Sunnah was eating more than just a few chunks of her high-calcium food compared to when she was badly emaciated, but she immediately drank a lot of water due to thirst, a side effect of taking the Oil. She eventually regained her appetite and weight. Her vomiting lessened and stopped. On the second week of taking CBD oil, Sunnah tried to stand on her front legs to eat from her bowl. But she could only hold the position for a few minutes.”

“The third week of regular CBD consumption was when we saw some significant improvements. She could stand on her front legs and hold the position as long as she wanted. Then Sunnah started to move her hind legs. There were times when she could fully stand but would immediately sit out of pain. So we increased her dosage.”

“After a month, Sunnah could walk around the house, but she couldn’t run. Her walking posture wasn’t that normal yet, but it also improved in the following days. A month and a half of taking CBD oil have allowed her to walk casually. She can also jump from the floor to the sofa at times. The vet called out of curiosity about Sunnah’s current condition one day. We scheduled a routine checkup.”

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“The vet was astonished to see Sunnah appearing to be in good condition. Like me, he also didn’t know about the wonders of CBD oil for dogs. However, there was still nothing we could do about Sunnah’s kidney disease. We were instructed to continue giving the Oil as her food supplement as it showed to be an effective dog pain reliever and appetizer. Sunnah died in her sleep last November 7, 2021, just the day before she came into our lives back on November 8, 2001. Our last memory with her was all of us cuddling while watching a standup of Bill Burr about dogs on YouTube. Although it was sad for my daughter and me to see our little angel go, it brings us comfort to know that her last eleven months after being diagnosed with arthritis and kidney disease wasn’t spent in agony.”

“We were able to see Sunnah walk again and cuddle with us in the living room as she did during her younger years. I’m very thankful that my close friend was able to introduce CBD oil to us on that fateful day. She’s one of the reasons Sunnah died happy and in peace. I’m also thankful to scientists, researchers, CBDistillery, and other CBD oil makers for their discoveries and for creating products that helped humans and animals with medical conditions live without chronic pain. Lastly, to our dear Sunnah, we love you, little lady. Run free!“

No dog deserves to die sad and in pain, and no dog owner deserves to be heartbroken knowing that their companion died suffering. While it’s true that we cannot relieve the pain of all the animals with medical conditions in the world, we can still do better by not giving up on our dogs when they get sick or are terminally ill. Even if not giving up involves the use of non-conventional medications and supplements.

Among those non-conventional treatments is the administration of CBD oil. We feel the desperation of canine owners when the vet says they can do nothing to treat or make the dog’s condition manageable. Not everyone is as lucky as our colleague to have a friend introduce a product their dog needs the most on-time. This is why her story has inspired us to make a product comparison and review of CBD oils for dogs.

This article aims to help canine parents and lovers make the best and fastest decision when buying CBD oil for their dogs. We intend to spread awareness of CBD oil benefits for dogs so that more owners can help their companions receive a natural alternative treatment before giving up on their furry loved ones.

We apologize for such a lengthy article and asking you to share this blog post through your social media. With your patience, understanding, and help, we hope to have our piece appear first and be advertised on Google’s top search pages when people make future queries about CBD oil for dogs. We also hope to have this article be suggested on the homepage of Google’s smartphone apps.

Our Methods for Writing This Article

Information is essential for making the best purchase decision among customers. Although we aren’t makers of CBD oil products and will not benefit from endorsing the brands on this list, we follow a strict code of diligence and fairness in our research. This allows us to deliver authentic, unbiased, understandable, comprehensive, and complete information. These are the research methods we abide by in making this list of the best CBD oils for dogs:

  1. Review of third-party test results – We visited the websites of every brand we put on this list. Then, we looked for studies and tests conducted by third-party laboratories. Brands that failed to provide third-party data only showed data based on their testing and claimed to have their products tested by a third-party lab with no proof are not included on this list. Other grounds for brand disqualification are the lack of certifications from hemp authorities, government agencies, and if a product’s lab test results did not reach standard compliance.
  2. Review of farming, production processes, and cruelty-free testing – Brands that conduct animal testing for their products are disqualified from this list. This business practice shows that the manufacturer has no chemical knowledge, lacks the instruments and equipment to create safe CBD oil formulations, is unassured of their products, or has no general idea for making CBD oils.

How the hemp plant is grown before undergoing the CBD extraction process determines the safety of the Oil for consumption by dogs. Brands that have been found using pesticides or other harmful chemicals during the hemp farming phase are disqualified from this list.

Aside from safe hemp growing practices, brands must also have proof of compliance with the USHA’s standards for clean, safe, and modern production laboratories. Those who don’t comply will not receive a certification from the USHA or any other hemp standard organizations are disqualified. This rule will ensure that all CBD oil products are not contaminated with microbes and other materials that would cause disease or harm to a dog.

Overall, we choose brands that value transparency. The more transparent a CBD company is, the more you can trust its products for your dog’s treatment in terms of efficacy and safety.

  1. Review of opinions and testimonies from experts in the pet industry, influencers, content creators, and customers – We scoured the web for the opinions of experts in the cannabis and veterinary medicine industry regarding the use of CBD oil for dogs. Their views are vital to answering the questions of “How does CBD oil work for dogs?”, “Is CBD oil safe for dogs?”, “What is the right CBD oil dosage for dogs?”, “What are the benefits of giving dogs CBD oil?” and “Are there any side effects of CBD oil for dogs?”

Influencers and customers are the best sources for the first-hand effects of CBD oil for dogs. After all, they’re the actual testers of the products from the brands featured in this list. We have collected and carefully examined their reviews from social networks like Reddit, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook while following the rule of verifying the reviewer’s account first.

We don’t want to take random strangers for their word as they might be bots created to boost a brand and product’s rating. Influencers and content creators with views a thousand and above are exempted from our thorough background screening. All reviews presented in this article have been carefully handpicked and prioritized based on recency.

If we find unsatisfactory, lacking, and few testimonies and opinions in the aforementioned social networks, we will supplement the insufficiencies by providing screenshots from reliable, unbiased, and incorruptible customer-review platforms like the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Consumer Reports, Trustpilot, and

  1. Review of National Institutes of Health publications and top-performing publishers . When it comes to providing scientific facts, research, and studies about the effects of CBD oil on canines, we used the published journals provided by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI). It is a part of the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) United States National Library of Medicine (NLM) branch.
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Other scientific and medical information is taken from peer-reviewed, fact-checked, and credible publishers such as Healthline, WebMD, and The New York Times. We used the data available from the sources mentioned above as references to ensure that the crucial information you’ll find in this product comparison is truthful, unbiased, and impartial.

  1. Review of non-sponsored experiences from HealthStatus staff members. Team members of HealthStatus who acquired canine CBD oils with their own money and used them on their dogs were asked to provide a non-biased and unbiased review on their purchased tinctures. We chose to do this because we can get additional and honest data regarding rules on how to give a proper CBD oil dosage to a dog, how long the extract will take effect, and the results one can expect in days, weeks, and months of regular CBD oil use.

We acknowledge that our staff members’ honest answers won’t be enough to provide you with accurate dosage measurements. The same goes for their dogs’ before and after data after daily CBD oil consumption. However, we’ll run a comparison of our teammates’ experiences to the instructions of the CBD oil manufacturers, discussions of social network users, and the clinical trials conducted by third-party testers. This will help us find the standard variables that you can use for precise dosages and the results of CBD oil to your dog that you can expect.

How Effective is CBD Oil for Dogs?

As mentioned, dogs are part of the animal classification that hosts endocannabinoid receptors. This means if dogs were to ingest CBD oil, they would experience a calming and pain-relieving effect. Not only that, but CBD oil also changes their appetite, metabolism, mood, and sleeping pattern — mostly for the better.

All in all, CBD oil is an effective and safe plant extract to consume for your dog. The only time a cannabidiol oil product won’t yield therapeutic benefits to your canine is when the potency of the Oil you bought is too weak for your dog’s needs, or you bought a bottle from an unreliable brand/scammer. But don’t worry, we’ll also provide details on how to avoid being tricked.

In the reviews and rating section below, we’ve included screenshots from comments and discussions of verified users who have given positive and negative reviews about the general use of CBD oil for dogs. The screenshots are taken from Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook. We have also included negative and positive testimonies about the different CBD oil brands for dogs found on this list.

Just a quick reminder, CBD oil doesn’t have any properties for curing diseases in dogs. It’s a natural alternative if conventional medications no longer work to provide canines with pain relief, seizure reduction, anti-inflammation, immune system support, and anxiety reduction. If you stop giving your dog CBD oil in the future, the symptoms of their condition will return.

10 Factors We Used to Pick the Best CBD Oils for Dogs

1. Price and Discounts Available

Not all of us can easily afford CBD oil. It’s not cheap despite being mainstream, and one small bottle is usually consumed before the end of the month. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your other necessities just to get your dog a cannabis-based treatment. Only a few brands offer low-value oil tinctures, and we’ve made sure to include them in this product comparison.

2. Transparency of the Manufacturer

We have mentioned in our methods for writing this article> This includes how we carefully evaluate manufacturer/brand transparency because we care for your experience as a customer.

This list does not include brands that are not transparent or lack vital information regarding the ingredients, manufacturing practices, lab results, and pricing of their products.

3. Customer Service Review of the Brand’s Official Website

Manufacturers can produce high-quality or unique CBD oil formulas but negatively affect their customer pool. However, we made the decision to include them on this list as there are many factors that would cause delivery and customer service problems. We will still issue a caution under each brand’s review so you can avoid the hassle of dealing with problematic sellers.

4. Purity of the CBD Oil and the Overall Formula

Each CBD oil maker differs from one another regarding the formulas they use. One might follow a more potent CBD concentration (measured in milligrams), while the other uses a higher vitamin to CBD ratio. There are also those who create products with just the cannabidiol compound diluted in pressed hemp seed oil. This factor will help us create a diversified list of CBD oil for dogs which you can peruse depending on your canine companion’s needs.

5. Company Policies

The policies of a CBD oil company regarding shipping, return, and refunds show how committed and how far it’s willing to go to serve and keep its customers happy. Although brands that do not have the aforementioned policies do not give customers a feeling of security in their purchases, we still give them the benefit of the doubt. There are companies that are highly confident in their products and services.

We still aim to reduce the risk of readers experiencing future dissatisfaction. In order to do that, we included cautionary signs regarding company policies for each canine CBD oil brand/product.

6. Lab Results

CBD oil makers that underwent clinical testing from reliable third-party laboratories and shared the results publicly were top priorities when we made this list. We then analyzed each of their products to label which bottles are the best for each type of canine medical condition. Aside from that, we carefully examined every test result and disqualified products that were found to have dangerous concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

7. Size and Potency Variations

Like humans, canines come in different builds and can suffer their own sorts of medical conditions. This is why we considered the different potency and size variations of canine CBD oil products when we made this list. The dosage of CBD oil for a dog is determined by its size, weight, and condition severity.

Larger dogs might require small doses of high potency oil, while smaller ones would need small doses of low potency oil. Some dog owners might want to buy a bigger bottle to save on shipping fees and avoid the hassle of frequent checkouts, while other dog parents would prefer to buy a small bottle first to try the efficacy of the product themselves.

8. Isolate

Isolate is about how many manufacturing processes the cannabis plant underwent to remove all compounds leaving only the cannabidiol. Considering isolate levels of each canine CBD oil bottle is very important as THC — the psychoactive compound found in cannabis plants is toxic to dogs, especially in high amounts.

9. Hemp Source, Growth, and Production Quality

Where the hemp came from, how it was grown, and the quality of process it had undergone before it took the oil form is vital to the efficacy and safety of CBD oil for dogs. Canine CBD oils made from hemp grown outside the US and Canada are disqualified from this list due to the environmental impact of shipping, the risk of the hemp’s overall quality being altered during transit, and who knows what kind of hemp growing practices outside sources follow.

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It’s legal to grow hemp in Canada and the US, where most CBD oil makers are regulated and monitored by trusted organizations and government agencies like the U.S. Hemp Authority and Canada Health. There is no need to outsource the raw ingredient.

10. Spectrum Types

CBD oil products are made and marketed in two different spectrums: Broad and Full. Broad-spectrum CBD oils undergo minimal processing and, on average, contain less than 0.3% of THC per bottle.

Dog owners choose broad-spectrum oils for their pets as there’s a heightened effect caused by other compounds found in other cannabis plant parts. In summary, a broad-spectrum canine CBD oil is the best choice if your dog suffers moderate levels of symptoms.

Full-spectrum CBD oil is the least processed. You can even see some plant particles remaining if you closely inspect a full-spectrum CBD oil inside a medicine dropper. This spectrum class has the strongest heightened effect.

Despite being the least processed CBD oil type, full-spectrum oils still follow the “less-than-0.3% THC” standard making it safe for your dog’s consumption. Full-spectrum CBD oil is the best choice for dogs with severe symptoms and medical conditions.

What is the Best CBD Oil for Dogs 2022: Top CBD Oils for Dogs in 2022

1. CBDfx’s Dog Tincture – the best overall

CBDfx’s dog tincture is one of the company’s signature products. The company has been in operation since 2014, registering year over year success mainly due to the superior quality of its products.

All of CBDfx’s hemp comes from a state-of-the-art farm in Kentucky. This hemp is grown organically without the use of pesticides and other potentially harmful chemicals. This approach allows them to maintain a specific level of quality unbeaten in the market.

Once the hemp plants are ready, the company extracts cannabidiol from the plants using an eco-friendly single-pass CO2 method. This special extraction method results in pure, premium-quality CBD that keeps some 23,000+ customers happy.

Buying CBDfx CBD oil for your dog allows means getting the same quality CBD oil the company uses in its products for humans. This means getting the very best on the market for your best furry friend.

CBDfx’s dog tincture has been tested by SC Labs , a verified third-party laboratory, to guarantee the finest quality.

Is American Shaman CBD Legit?

Real Tested CBD is a leading name in the world of CBD products reviews. Not only do we provide you with reviews of CBD products, but all of these products come from the best brands available in the market. Our brands’ list is extending with more brands lining up to join us for their products’ reviews. This week we are going to review a brand known as CBD American Shaman. Is American Shaman CBD legit? Find out by viewing the product reviews from Real Tested CBD below!

CBD American Shaman is brand renowned for a wide variety of quality CBD products, including CBD tinctures, CBD oils, CBD pet treats, etc. They even do CBD oils for your cats and dogs. The brand hails from out of Missouri and is one of the largest CBD retailers across the nation.

We at Real Tested CBD have rigorously tested several products of this manufacturer, and below are our reviews of some of the best performing CBD products by CBD American Shaman.

CBD American Shaman’s – Canine 300 Mg

Surprisingly, our top pick from CBD American Shaman is a pet product. It is a CBD and terpene-rich hemp oil tincture that is very healthy for your dog’s life no matter what age. You can use it as a dietary supplement, and it offers 10 mg of CBD per 1 mg. It is a pure CBD isolate product, and we did not detect any traces of pesticides or solvents.

CBD American Shaman’s – Ultra Concentrated CBD Hemp Oil 250 Mg

Our second pick is a nice cream product by this manufacturer. Our lab tests revealed this cream contains full-spectrum distillate CBD products. This topical cream by CBD American Shaman contains ultra-concentrated CBD hemp oil. It is a terpene-rich organic product with all-natural hemp extract. It comes in a 30 ml cream jar with 250 mg of CBD goodness per 8 oz. Our test results found these levels to be slightly higher at 281.1 mg of CBD, along with 8.94 mg of THC.

CBD American Shaman’s Capsules 450 Mg

Are you looking for a great full-spectrum CBD capsule to give you daily dosage with all the rare beneficial cannabinoids? Look no further because these CBD capsules with ultra-concentrated CBD hemp oil by CBD American Shaman are it!

There are 30 tablets in a bottle that are rich in terpene and contain high quality and full-spectrum hemp oil. You will get 15 mg of CBD per capsule, which is an optimal strength if too much CBD does not suit you. This product contains 15.31 mg THC, 40.9 mg CBD, 17.27 mg CBG, and 20.81 mg CBC with no traces of pesticide or solvents.

CBD American Shaman’s CBD Gummies 300 Mg

Fifth in line is a feline product made from full spectrum hemp extract. Your cat might love this treat, but it has no medicinal value. The label claims that it provides 10 mg of hemp extract per cup. According to our lab test results, it does not contain any CBD.

CBD American Shaman’s Doggy Snacks 5 Mg

It seems like American Shaman’s like their pets a lot as another pet product for your canine made it to number six in our reviews. This product is peanut butter flavored full spectrum hemp extract snack. Although this product claims to be full-spectrum, our test results did not find any other cannabinoids other than CBD at 51.75 mg. It is lower than CBD levels claimed on the packaging.

CBD American Shaman’s 10 Mg Nano Hemp Oil

This innovative product contains CBD so tiny that the water absorbs it; CBD American Shaman calls it “nano” CBD. This nano hemp oil comes with a flavor of strawberry lime and sparkling watermelon. According to our tests, it contains 46.78 mg of CBD per package and is completely free of any pesticides or solvents.

This product by CBD American Shaman is for your horsey pet. It claims to contain 15 mg of CBD per treat. However, our test results found zero levels of CBD in it. So it is your choice if you are looking for a hemp extract product to see if your horse is going to like it. If he does, then feel free to try it.