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Top 5 CBD Creams for Pain 2022

For everyone from pro athletes to stiff middle-aged couch potatoes (yours truly), CBD creams and balms have become some of the most relied upon products to help with workout recovery, muscle pain, joint stiffness, inflammation, and other types of relief.

Since CBD seems to be more ubiquitous than coffee these days, it makes sense that CBD topicals would make a splash. But, do hemp creams work? If you’re accustomed to ingesting CBD, it might seem strange to massage it into your skin.

Today, we’ll take a look at our favorite CBD creams for pain and along the way we’ll examine how they work and what to look for in a quality product.

The Best CBD Creams for Pain in 2022

Meet the Winners: This Year’s Top CBD Creams for Pain

We have strict criteria for the products we recommend. We look for CBD topicals made from CBD sourced from organically grown, non-GMO hemp. We also examine the extraction processes used for getting the CBD and other cannabis compounds out of the hemp plant, and we always read reports supplied by third-party laboratories to verify the purity and potency of the products.

While those are our criteria for purity, potency and safety, we also consider supporting natural ingredients, CBD spectrum (more on that below), and brand reputation. Here are our favorite pain cream products for 2022.

1. CBDfx CBD Muscle & Joint Cream for Pain

CBDfx has been an industry leader since they hit the scene in 2014. They use only organically grown, pesticide- and GMO-free hemp, and then extract CBD and other cannabinoids through a safe, clean CO2 extraction process. Also, they provide reports from third-party laboratories for all of their products, so you always know what is (and what isn’t) in your CBD cream , CBD gummies , CBD oil tinctures , and other products.

Why does this topical top our pain cream list? It’s effective, available in three strengths to give you versatility, and its broad spectrum CBD is supported by natural pain relievers and anti-inflammatories, including menthol, white willow bark, and caffeine. CBDfx’s CBD pain cream has a fresh, bracing scent, and you can feel the benefits nearly immediately as you massage this water-based cream into aching muscles and joints.

Use code “OBSERVER” for 25% off.

2. CBDfx CBD Muscle & Joint Balm Stick for Pain

This CBD balm is an ultra-handy source of muscle and joint relief, perfect for keeping in your gym bag or carry-on. Mess-free and effective, this CBD balm stick is made with broad spectrum CBD oil, as well as camphor oil to warm and loosen muscles, and peppermint and wintergreen oils to cool and soothe pain. CBDfx’s CBD Muscle and Joint Balm Stick is available in two strengths, 750mg and 3000mg, and is ideal for those moments when you need relief fast.

Use code “OBSERVER” for 25% off.

3. Nightingale Remedies CBD Relief Cream

Another powerful and fast-acting cream for pain relief, this entry from Nightingale Remedies is made with 250mg of CBD, as well as effective natural supplements like turmeric, MSM, and boswellia serrata to fight inflammation and glucosamine to protect joints. Like our CBDfx entries, this pharmacist-formulated cream is backed by a third-party lab report, so you can rely on its purity.

Use code “OBSERVER” for 25% off.

4. cbdMD CBD Recover Inflammation Cream

One of our favorite features of this CBD cream from cbdMD is that it’s available in multiple sizes and strengths to suit nearly any need. From a 2oz tub to a 4oz squeeze bottle, there’s an option to fit your medicine cabinet or gym bag. This potent cream is made with broad spectrum CBD, as well as arnica, vitamin B6, and MSM to stimulate your white blood cells, fight inflammation, and improve flexibility.

Use code “OBSERVER” for 25% off.

5. Koi CBD Pain Relieving Roll-On Gel

This handy, hemp infused roll-on from Koi CBD delivers fast, cooling pain relief on the go. Menthol provides a cool rush, and CBD attends to discomfort. Formulated with 19 essential oils, including aloe, camphor, black pepper, lemongrass, and many more, this topical gel is a great option for powerful relief and ease of use.

Use code “OBSERVER” for 25% off.

Why CBD?

Because of CBD’s interaction with the body’s endocannabinoid system, it helps the body to maintain homeostasis, or balance, in a number of vital systems and organs, producing a wide variety of wellness benefits. It’s because of these many benefits that so many popular CBD oil products are now available, including CBD for dogs (that’s CBD for dogs and not delta-9 THC, which is toxic to pooches!), CBD gummies ( CBD gummies being, perhaps, the most popular of all CBD edibles), CBD pain creams, CBD oil capsules, CBD vape oil products, CBD oil tinctures , delta-9 THC oil products (such as THC Gummies ), and even CBD mushroom products !

Why Choose a CBD Cream for Pain?

Let’s kick off this discussion on CBD topical products for pain with a disclaimer. The FDA prohibits anyone from making claims that CBD treats chronic illnesses or conditions. Although CBD shows incredible potential in scientific studies for applications including epilepsy, cancer, chronic pain, and more, all of these studies are still ongoing. And so, we cannot and will not make any medical claims about hemp or CBD.

But, we can rely on the science of what CBD does — how it interacts with organs, tissues, and systems in our bodies — and the anecdotal evidence from thousands of years of cannabis as a holistic medicine.

We know this: people look to CBD creams and balms to help them soothe pain and inflammation, and they find results. There are multitudes of scientific studies examining CBD’s potential as an anti-inflammatory , and people who use CBD creams for pain find that it does indeed address inflammation, discomfort, and more.

How Does CBD Cream Work?

The primary ingredient in CBD topicals (you guessed it, CBD) is the star of the show, but not the only major player, as we’ll soon see.

CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is a kind of naturally occurring molecular compound known as a cannabinoid. Cannabinoids are found in the cannabis plant, and CBD is far from being the only one. In fact, there are hundreds of cannabinoids found in hemp, and they have their own distinct individual properties.

Perhaps the most famous cannabinoid is THC, which is the psychoactive compound that causes a high. CBD itself is not psychoactive, nor are the other cannabinoids in the products we recommend. In other words, you don’t have to worry about massaging a CBD cream into your sore shoulder and getting high.

When we ingest cannabinoids like CBD, they interact with receptors in a cell-signaling system in our bodies known as the endocannabinoid system. This is closely integrated with our central and peripheral nervous systems, as well as systems that regulate sleep, digestion, mood, immune response, and more. When ingested CBD interacts with these receptors, it passes on its soothing effects.

CBD topicals, like creams and balms, work a little differently. CBD creams are, of course, not ingested (no, really, don’t eat it). Instead, topical CBD products are absorbed through the skin. CBD creams and balms skip endocannabinoid receptors and go directly to the neurotransmitter that blocks pain signals. They do this by working in tandem with endocannabinoids our bodies naturally produce.

Discover Magazine has an in-depth article on how CBD creams for pain work, and they state “researchers have confirmed that CBD works against pain and inflammation.”

How to Shop for a CBD Topical

Now that you’ve seen our picks for the best topical hemp products for pain, let’s talk a little about the criteria we used. With the info below, you can shop for CBD products with confidence.

CBD products are available basically everywhere now, from the convenience store to the darkest corners of the web. Your grandmother probably has some sort of hemp product in her medicine cabinet at this point. So, how do you know what to look for? Here are some tips for selecting a safe and effective CBD product.

Hemp vs. Marijuana: What’s the Difference?

What separates a legal CBD product from a regulated marijuana product? That THC that we mentioned above is the psychoactive compound that causes a high. In the eyes of the law, there are two forms of cannabis plant: cannabis hemp (or industrial hemp), and cannabis marijuana.

Cannabis marijuana contains a large amount of THC and causes a high.

Cannabis hemp is used for CBD products. It contains only a tiny trace amount of THC (less than 0.3%, in accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill). Hemp is the plant used for the CBD creams and balms we’re discussing.


You know now that CBD and THC are molecular compounds called cannabinoids. But, they’re not the only ones … not by a longshot. Cannabis actually contains over a hundred cannabinoids, including CBG, CBN, CBC, and many others. Each of these compounds has a therapeutic application, and they all work well independently and in tandem.

CBD Spectrums

There are three types of hemp-derived CBD oil: full spectrum CBD oil, broad spectrum CBD oil, and CBD isolate. What does this mean?

Full spectrum CBD oil contains all of the cannabinoids that naturally occur in cannabis hemp, including CBD and those trace amounts of THC, as well as CBG, CBN, CBC, terpenes, and flavonoids. Many people prefer full spectrum CBD for its efficacy in creating the Entourage Effect — a synergistic effect in which all the different compounds work together to modify one another’s effects while also enhancing the overall experience.

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Broad spectrum CBD oil filters out those remaining amounts of THC. This is the type of CBD you want to look for if you’re trying to avoid all THC. It still contains the other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, and still creates the Entourage Effect to a slightly lesser amount.

CBD isolate is purely CBD with no other cannabinoids or hemp compounds. This form of CBD is typically used in vaping or bath products and isn’t likely to be the ingredient in a hemp cream for pain unless it’s chosen for a specific purpose.

Pesticide-Free Plants

When shopping for a hemp cream for pain, the first thing to look for is how the cannabis plant it comes from was cultivated. Cannabis is a potent phytoremediator — which means it very thoroughly and efficiently cleans the soil it grows in of any toxins or chemicals. The soil gets clean, but then the hemp plant is packed with those toxins and chemicals. That includes pesticides, heavy metals, and other chemicals. Your CBD balm or cream should always come from organically grown, pesticide-free cannabis hemp.

Clean Extraction

Cheaper hemp products often use unsafe methods for extracting CBD from the plant. These methods can include submerging the hemp plant in solvents containing harsh and dangerous chemicals, like acetone and butane. While it’s a cheap method of CBD oil extraction, it can lead to products containing dangerous additives and chemicals. CO2 extraction is considered by the CBD industry to be the most efficient and cleanest method of extracting CBD oil from hemp.

Lab Reports

The safest way to know exactly what is (and isn’t) in your CBD topical is through a report provided by an independent, third-party lab. This report will tell you the exact percentages of CBD and other cannabinoids in your topical cream, as well as any other chemicals that may be present.

Terpenes and Flavonoids

Cannabinoids aren’t the only useful ingredients in hemp. Terpenes and flavonoids are not exclusive to cannabis, but they occur in it in high amounts and they’re amazingly beneficial.

Terpenes give plants their scent. They’re abundant in pungent plants like cannabis, tea, herbs, and citrus fruits. In addition to giving plants their unique smell, they possess a host of beneficial properties, from fighting inflammation to fighting anxiety.

While common sense might make you assume that flavonoids give plants their flavor, they don’t. They give plants their color . They’re also phytonutrients. Flavonoids can help our bodies fight off bacteria and illness, soothe inflammation, and boost our overall wellness.

Additional Ingredients

As you saw with some of our favorite CBD topicals for pain, CBD products are often formulated for a specific use, like helping with sleep or muscle recovery, or enhancing wellness with vitamins and minerals. Keep an eye out for natural ingredients that will help this product do what it says. While CBD possesses the properties necessary to treat nearly all the uses it’s marketed for, natural supplements help it work more effectively. That’s why you find menthol, camphor, glucosamine and more in CBD topical cream and balm for pain relief.

Get Your Massage On

Now that you’re armed with some good info and a list of our top CBD topical products for pain in 2022, you have the perfect excuse for a relaxing, restorative massage! So, pick up one of a chart-topping cream, and see for yourself how soothing, therapeutic, and beneficial a quality CBD cream for pain relief can really be.

The 5 Best CBD Creams For Arthritis

CBD creams have overtaken the topical industry as one of the most popular pain relievers out in the market now.

This isn’t just a placebo effect either: early studies have found that compounds in CBD oils have been useful in pain treatment, including for intense pain, sharp pain, cold and itchy sensations.

Research suggests that the biggest reason for these findings lies in how CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid system to inhibit inflammation, enabling people to feel relief topically, or orally (the method most people are familiar with when it comes to ingesting CBD).

A cousin to marijuana, CBD (cannabidiol) has become one of the most popular supplements available today. After the 2018 Farm Bill changed hemp’s legal status, CBD became a booming industry, used by the old and young. Even those who’ve never consumed cannabis before found cannabidiol useful, with topicals like CBD cream leading the charge.

Given how popular items like CBD creams have become, we decided to put together a selection of the top companies. Even considering how large the industry has grown, there are certain companies who go above and beyond to set the bar. Exhibiting a sense of responsibility to the product is what makes the industry prosper, and exactly why we’ve decided to rank who’s doing the best work. Let’s dive in:

Top 5 CBD Creams for Arthritis

How Was the CBD Cream List Made?

Before we get into suggesting products, it’s best to be transparent on how we came up with the criteria to do so.

As CBD cream can come from a number of different vendors and processes, there’s a number of sources to consider. Ranging from whether a company used organic hemp to what type of processing they fed raw ingredients through can all make a difference in quality and consistency. Additionally, practices like animal testing are considered as well, especially since this is a topical product we’re talking about. Past the basics though, the overall product needs to host enough cannabinoids to make a difference, which not every company passes the bar on.

To compile a list based on overall quality, we delved into a lot of what makes certain CBD bases better than others. Since the product can only be as good as its main offering, that was our first piece of criteria for placement as a top CBD brand. Beyond that, we also wanted to know that what supported the CBD cream held its own weight as well, ensuring that nothing was tainted along the way.

After creating the rubrics to look at, we narrowed everything down to a few key characteristics. Here are our main points:

● Where the hemp was extracted (bonus points for sources who’ve had experience in cultivating CBD).

● The extraction process used.

● How long they’ve been in the industry.

● What CBD influencers think of their brand.

● Where the CBD was processed.

● The dosage per product.

● How transparent their customer service is.

● How recently they conducted lab testing.

● Where their comments come from and if they’re legit.

Finally, we also considered any additives, including whether any artificial preservatives or excess chemicals were used.

With a strong basis of what we would want out of a CBD brand, we narrowed down our list into the top competitors for the industry.

Best CBD Cream For Arthritis

Establishing ourselves with a rubric to help pick out the best CBD cream on the market, we decided to make our top choice based upon trust and effectiveness.

Although there are some other brands who might match certain criteria we’ve lined up against, the following brands are those we felt best had the overall package.

All of these creams have been selected for what they bring to the table, particularly in how they’re made, how effective they work, and what type of ingredients they use. We’ll note that these are all creams we’d elect to use as a part of our daily routines. With all that in mind, here’s what we came up with:

1. Verma Farms

The first cream we want to bring out is Verma Farms, who’ve established a sense of quality and consistency in the CBD world. Inspired by the mountains of Hawaii, Verma Farms is a knockout of a brand. They not only care quite a bit about what they bring to market, but also why they’re doing it. Everything has an intent and purpose, making products that they would use themselves.

For their CBD creams, Verma Farms offers a Mahalo Muscle Relief and Tropical CBD Lotion . Both starting at $49.99, the muscle relief is 200 mg while the lotion is 100 mg. As they’re both used for different purposes (muscle relief for athletes, while the lotion is for skin relief), Verma Farms has its bases covered.

Overall, this is a premium combination of CBD creams, which is why they’ve made the top of our list.

● All-Natural CBD: Perhaps one of the most important factors is having CBD that is hosted from an organic or natural source. Honestly, for how quickly and easily cannabis grows, this is a no-brainer. Especially considering how many other brands are popping up right now in the industry, it’s practically becoming the standard to deliver on organic and natural products. All in all, the processing of your plants should be clean, which starts with knowing that they were grown properly.

● Two different types of topicals: By offering both a pain cream and muscle relief, Verma Farms is able to diversify their selection into different segments of customers. Enabling people to provide a lotion gives a great day-to-day moisturizer, while the muscle relief can help with soreness from exercise or injury. Range is important, as it shows they’re paying attention to what customers want.

● Quality Ingredients: Verma Farms included a swath of quality ingredients for both topicals, homing in on creating a product that was safe to use, as well as reduced the risk of allergic reactions/irritation. Quite simply, sound ingredients lead to a sound mind, and thus, the maximum effect possible.

● USA Produced: The cream is produced in the United States.

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● Lab Testing: All of Verma’s products are vigorously tested. Currently, their lab results are from within the year. Additionally, no toxins were found in the batch as well. Finally, the label of broad-spectrum matched the results as well.

● Guarantee: 30-day money back guarantee for unopened items.

● Both products are affordable and host an array of great ingredients.

● Consistently using broad-spectrum CBD has tremendous results.

● All-natural hemp that doesn’t use any pesticides.

● Lab reports are legit and up to date.

● An overall soothing cream for the price.

● No variety for aromas, flavors, or sizes.

● Money back guarantee is only for unopened products.

Overall, fans of CBD and critics both love Verma Farm’s CBD cream. As a great application for day-to-day use, the Mahalo Muscle Relief and Tropical Lotion are significantly a level above the competition. Judging by the reviews on their website and around the industry, Verma Farms has one of the best customer experiences on the market today. Look for them to have another strong year in 2021.

2. Penguin

Coming in at number two on our list is Penguin, who’ve been on top of the CBD world for quite some time now.

Hosting an array of products, Penguin has become one of the more familiar brands out there, becoming well-liked by critics and fans alike. For their CBD cream, Penguin’s $55 4 oz bottle of broad-spectrum is a solid deal that includes quality ingredients as well. With a rich formula that’s peppermint-lavender based, it’s got a strong but pleasant scent to it, as well as a formula that quickly absorbs into the skin.

With a high-potency formula, Penguin’s CBD cream is only intended for skincare. Additionally, Penguin aims to have their product remain as farm-to-table as possible, boasting a CO2 extraction process that refines the CBD into its purest form. And when you factor in the natural benefits of CBD on skin, this product is an overall win-win.

With subscription pricing knocking off 20%, Penguin certainly has their bases covered in trying to become your daily CBD cream. In the future, Penguin might just end up taking on the top spot, providing a base that’s going to propel them to be even stronger in 2021.

● Smooth Sensation: Penguin’s peppermint-lavender formula leaves a tingly sensation on your skin, implementing instant relief. If you want to really know that the CBD is kicking in, Penguin’s got it covered.

● Lab Testing: Penguin’s lab testing is up to date, conducted in mid-2020. Additionally, they’ve tested out each individual product, with the results highlighting other ingredients in the cream as well. Overall, it’s comforting to know you’re not rubbing anything toxic into your skin.

● Free Shipping: Another important feature is the fact that their Salve comes with free shipping to US addresses. This helps to reduce the overall cost that you’ll pay to get the product to your doorstep.

● Guarantee: 30-day money back guarantee regardless whether the product has been opened or not. After the product is inspected, Penguin will accept or reject your refund. If approved, the credit will be automatically applied to the card used.

● Special Ingredients: A lot of moisturizing agents in here, as well as the peppermint sensations is a nice tough.

● Great overall price, especially with the subscription option.

● Solid ingredients that help soothe and alleviate symptoms.

● Return policy includes after you’ve tried the item.

● Trusted product from a great company.

● Might not be strong enough for those with severe pain.

● The peppermint might not be for everyone, especially if you don’t like the cold feeling on your skin.

● The added ingredients do contain a slight risk for allergic reactions.

Most customers will agree that Penguin’s CBD cream is an excellent choice. Designed to be your day-to-day CBD cream, Penguin is vying for subscribers, and for the price, that option could be well worth it. With a great customer support team, Penguin’s easy-to-use website and overall smooth buying experience is one of the better CBD experiences available. Judging by the reviews online, Penguin could become a household name in the industry by 2021’s end.

3. Nanocraft CBD

Nanocraft CBD’s cooling cream and pain stick are great options for people with arthritis. Their unique CBD topical creams make it easy to find relief quickly and to feel better for hours. That’s why thousands of people from all walks of life, including Olympic athletes, are choosing Nanocraft CBD creams everyday for their joint soreness and muscle aches.

Arthritis can strike at a moment’s notice. That’s why Nanocraft uses premium cannabinoid-rich hemp grown organically in Oregon to deliver the most potent blends on the planet. Their commitment to quality and safety make them a great option for both the CBD newcomer and long-time user.

Their Cooling CBD Sports Cream and Extra Strength Muscle and Joint Stick are trusted and loved by thousands of people in need of fast relief. Both products are powered by the same premium CBD as their drops and softgels and combine the wonders of hemp with menthol and soothing essential oils for next level support.

It’s easy to see why Nanocraft CBD is the #1 choice of professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and everyday folks looking for fast and lasting arthritis relief.

● Smooth Sensation: Nanocraft combines premium broad spectrum hemp with natural menthol and soothing essential oils to give you cooling relief as quickly as possible.

● Lab Testing: Their lab tests are impressively in-depth and recent. Nanocraft is one of the only hemp brands proving guaranteed levels of minor cannabinoids like CBN, CBG, and CBC, making them truly broad spectrum.

● Free Shipping: Nanocraft offers fast and free shipping on all subscriptions (in addition to a 25% discount) as well as all orders over $99.

● Guarantee: You have a 30-day money back guarantee on all orders. If you don’t absolutely love the relief you feel, you can send the product back for a 100% refund.

● Special Ingredients: The soothing essential oils and natural menthol combine with the premium broad spectrum hemp to deliver a truly wonderful feeling.

● Both products are affordable, natural, and easy to use

● Nanocraft uses a proven broad spectrum hemp

● Organically grown without any pesticides

● Their lab results are recent and detailed

● They offer a 25% discount and free shipping on all subscriptions

● Their return policy only lasts for 30 days

● Slightly higher cost (unless you choose subscription)

Nanocraft CBD clearly cares about their customers and helps them find relief quickly. The overall experience is great. It’s easy to order products from their website, they are shipped quickly, every order comes with a hand written note, and the packaging is great. You can tell Nanocraft goes the extra mile to take care of their customers, especially those in pain.

4. Joy Organics

One of the best options in CBD, Joy Organics defines exceptional.

After all, living up to a name that includes “organics” in the title requires a certain level of quality, earning their “USDA Organic” label on all of their products. Furthermore, Joy Organics has the biggest variety of CBD creams on this list, hosting four topicals alone. And with that many options, there’s bound to be something for everyone.

Aside from their bath bomb, Joy Organics considers their topicals to include Salve, Sports Cream, CBD Cream, and a Salve Stick. Both their Salve Stick and CBD Cream come in 250 mg packs that start at $24.71, which is a great bang for your buck. For their ingredients, Joy Organics keeps their combinations pretty streamlined, using familiar agents like olive oil to keep the quality consistent. And with everything also lab tested as well, there’s no surprises.

Joy Organics has one of the best lineups out of not only CBD creams, but CBD products overall. As a brand that’s been at the top of the industry for a number of years now, it’s no wonder they also found their way on our short-list. Plus, with pricing more competitive than most for what you’re getting, Joy Organics is what value in CBD looks like.

● All Organic Ingredients: While a lot of CBD companies try to say they’re organic, Joy Organics is one of the few to actually have the USDA organic label. Even for the fillers and other ingredients, everything is organic.

● Dosage: Each dosage ranges between 250 mg and 500 mg, providing affordable but effective solutions for every type of customer.

● Products Designed with Intent: Each Joy Organics CBD cream has a specific intent based on what you need it for. One of our favorites is the Sports Cream, which athletes adore.

● Longer Money-Back Guarantee: Currently, Joy’s return policy is 30 days for anything, even opened packages. Additionally, they also include a 15-day grace period after the 30 days to be maximally flexible. Refunds can be processed online.

● Referral Program: Currently running a “Give $10, Get $10” program, Joy Organics is trying to spread the love.

● USDA organic product, which means all their ingredients are as well.

● Variety of CBD creams for different usages.

● All lab results active and updated.

● Subscription pricing available

● Slightly higher in price due to organic nature.

Almost every customer that goes with Joy Organics considers it their go-to for CBD. The CBD cream they offer is no exception, with Joy Organics providing a diverse range of products that hosts what should be standard nearly every time. All-in-all, Joy Organics is constantly bringing their customers satisfaction, notorious for being one of the best CBD brands on the market today.

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5. Spruce CBD

To round out our list is Spruce, who have three quality options for their CBD topicals.

What we love about Spruce is that they don’t offer a ton of products. But for what they do offer, they invest a lot into quality. Coming in with a 300 mg Topical CBD Cream, CBD Salve, and Deep Chill CBD Lotion, Spruce has the bases covered for every type of use, providing enough options to find the perfect solution for you.

Although Spruce is slightly more expensive than other CBD brands, they put quite a bit of effort into what they produce. Granted, all their options are not only grown in the USA with top-tier ingredients, but they also dosage out things to be slightly stronger than most would anticipate. Quite simply, Spruce is a great brand if you’ve already been introduced to CBD and looking for something that packs a punch.

For a brand that puts a lot into the experience of the product, Spruce knows how to deliver. This is a company that although not expensive is slightly more than average, however, is worth every penny. Check them out if you’re looking for an option that utilizes full-spectrum strength for a reasonable price.

● A Few Different Options of Products/Strengths: Spruce makes CBD for fans of the product, which is why they have all their bases covered for topicals. Whether you’re into creams or salves, their options compete amongst the best.

● Full Spectrum/Organic Quality: Spruce has put forth quite a bit into producing the best full-spectrum options, which means you’re getting the best yield money can buy.

● Third-Party Lab Tests: All of Spruce’s products are lab tested and up to date.

● USA-Grown: The hemp used by Spruce is grown in America, keeping things as local as possible.

● A variety of options are available.

● Doesn’t contain any extra frills.

● Comes in worthwhile strengths

● Although some ingredients are organic, not all of them are.

● Subscription pricing is not as competitive as other brands.

Overall, customers enjoy Spruce for offering what’s promised: a great CBD solution for a solid price. While unapologetically slightly more premium than the rest, they also offer CBD creams that are effective and use quality ingredients. From users, they seem to find everything satisfactory. Overall, Spruce might be our fifth pick, but one that still holds stronger than a lot of what’s in the industry.

What to Look for In A CBD Cream?

When looking for a CBD cream, the biggest consideration you should make is where the CBD has come from as well as what intent you have with using it. As you can see above, companies make CBD creams for a number of reasons, from everyday use to specialty services like topicals for athletes. Ultimately, it depends on your experience, use, and price-point you’re after, aiming to pinpoint exactly what you want. Plus, it’s important to avoid buying garbage or less than satisfactory products too.

To come up with criteria of on what should be considered on your own for CBD cream, here’s what we came up with:

● Ingredients: Obviously, if you’re going to put this on your body then it’s imperative to know what goes into it and why it’s worth consuming. Be mindful that anything you put on your skin, your body is absorbing too. Ultimately, a good rule of thumb is to not do anything that you wouldn’t want to eat, which is why sticking to creams that have more natural or organic ingredients is your best bet.

● Hemp Source: Where a company gets their hemp can tell you a lot about the quality. Not only does this include only buying things from American growers but also ensuring they’re using organic practices. The chemicals or pesticides sprayed on hemp ultimately will end up inside you as well; there’s no excuse for farms to produce anything less than best quality.

● Lab Testing: Any company worth buying CBD from will put their lab results out into the open. This is a non-starter, as anyone that refuses to post results or doesn’t have them accessible simply isn’t meeting the bar. With how many bad actors in the CBD industry, knowing you’re buying a good product is a must, which starts with trusted lab results.

● Brand: Although branding isn’t everything in agriculture, it certainly can gauge how seriously a company takes themselves and what they’re approach is. For example, a family business might not have a flashy brand but cares a lot about the product versus other companies care more about looking like a good CBD company than what’s put in. Ultimately, a good product is going to host the criteria of being quality, which will reflect in the brand as a reflection of their ethos.

● Return Policy: A good return policy speaks volumes about how badly a business wants you to as a lifelong customer. While they might not win you over immediately, knowing how to make things right is vital. Every company above gives you at least 30 days to return the product, with a few even letting you return open box items. That says a lot about how they trust their customers, which is a key characteristic you should be looking for too.

● Shipping Policies: Expensive shipping can kill a product. For this reason, knowing the price of what it takes to get to you is vital. No one wants to spend $10 on shipping a $50 product, which is why going through the checkout beforehand is vital. Doing so will help decide the real value you’re getting out of the whole experience.

● Pricing: With so many choices for quality and competition, pricing plays a big role. Shopping around can give you a good idea of what’s considered reasonable; however, we’ll note that certain criteria are going to play a factor as well. For example, having all-organic ingredients will constitute a markup as much as other premiums as well. Go through the details and check the lab report, as those will give you the best criteria for what’s worth the price or not.

How Does CBD Cream Work for Arthritis?

A lot of early research suggests that conditions like arthritis and other recurring pain conditions can be eased by CBD. As cannabidiol has anti-inflammatory properties, it helps with conditions that deal with chronic, achy pain. Harvard Health actually notes that a European study on arthritis found promising early results in how CBD can help with pain.

One important piece we’ll note is that pain is subjective. For some, an acute pain might be completely debilitating to others, which is why suggesting CBD as a treatment is only for a limited number of symptoms. Ultimately, a good rule of thumb some people suggest is to use CBD and CBD creams on things that would otherwise be cured with over the counter drugs like ibuprofen. Citing that CBD is less toxic, substances like that can be helpful on your liver and well-being.

Finally, it’s important to talk with your doctor about your pain before self-medication. As a medical professional will know if any of your other symptoms could be causing a much more significant problem, it’ll give you a good guide on what’s best for your treatment. Furthermore, they’ll also be able to get an accurate gauge on your pain tolerance, which will dictate how much CBD you should be taking. This isn’t a journey you want to take alone, with CBD creams only being effective as a part of a bigger plan of recovery.

A Note on Seeing Your Doctor

Even if you feel like CBD topicals are right for you, it’s always smart to check with your doctor first. Not only will it help with deciding which type of treatment is right but also if there are any allergies or other factors at play. As CBD is something that can be great when enjoyed or used properly, that also comes with knowing it’s safe to personally use as well. Give yourself the best opportunity to enjoy CBD, providing all the information needed to design a perfect fit.

How To Use CBD Topicals Cream, Salve & Lotion

CBD topicals are incredibly easy to use, with no oral ingestion necessary.

Most bottles will include specific directions on what type of CBD you should take, as well as how much. Some products might have more specific instructions, such as how vigorously it should be rubbed in. Overall, most topicals are going to be used like you would any other lotion: rubbing in until smooth. Without too many surprises, this is an easy solution to consider

Conclusion: Which CBD Cream Should You Buy?

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