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How to Navigate the Wild World of Weed Pens

There are a ton of ways to consume weed in 2019. But i f you’re looking for a covert way to get high on the go — at a friend’s wedding, on a road trip with your new boyfriend’s family, in the lobby of the AMC cinema before a matinee — you’ve probably discovered that the best option is a vape pen. In the past couple of years, they’ve largely replaced joints and blunts due to their stealth factor, ease of use, and potency. You can stand confidently among Juulers at a party, nodding knowingly at that dude’s Euphoria reference, while puffing on your low-key weed delivery system and feeling a slightly detached sense of superiority.

And yet, with an increase in the market — sales jumped 49% from 2017 to 2018 — there’s a lot to learn. What distinguishes one pen from another? How can you know which oil is best? Is there one that can replace a glass of wine? Which one gives you more bang for your buck? Here, a handy guide to navigating the choices.

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The “Clear” vs. The “Sauce”
Of course, what it comes down to is the oil inside: just like the weed it’s sourced from, concentrated cannabis oil can be schwaggy as hell, or it can be the cream of the crop. For the uninitiated in weed lingo, you should start by understanding that the easiest distinction to make is between THC distillate versus live resin. The metaphor that can best express the difference between the two is THC distillate is Daytona Beach, and live resin is a cabin in the woods (the canoe-and-campfire kind, not the horror-movie kind). Both offer a way to relax, unwind, and unplug from reality. It just depends on what kind of R&R you’re looking for.

“Distillate is pure, raw, isolated cannabinoids, meaning that it’s high in potency,” says Neema Samari, CEO and co-founder of Cannabiotix , a cannabis company operating in California and Nevada that specializes in producing boutique cannabis flower and extracts. “And let’s face it, that’s becoming the eye-catcher.”

Some customers choose weed like a teenager shops for liquor — based on alcohol by volume, Samari says, buying whatever has the highest level of THC (the cannabinoid that gets you “high”). But packing a high THC punch doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best product.

THC distillate is extracted from cannabis using a liquid solvent, often ethanol or pressurized CO2, and then hyper-purified through a process known as winterization. In that process, the distillate is stripped of impurities, including the chemical compounds that give cannabis its flavor and aroma: terpenes. Terpenes exist in a variety of plants, but in cannabis, they help steer the high.

Manufacturers often add terpenes back to THC distillate after it’s been purified to its super-potent form, usually using plant-based terpenes to mimic the flavor of weed. “You can buy a bottle of ‘Maui Wowie’ flavor, where they’ve combined a bunch of plant-based terpenes like myrcene from mango, and limonene from citrus,” says Samari. “It’s marketed as what they think Maui Wowie tastes and smells like.” But since those terpenes aren’t actually from cannabis, it’s impossible to get the flavor profile exactly right. Have you ever eaten something “strawberry-flavored” that really tastes like strawberries?

In stark contrast to distillate, live resin is extracted by freezing and processing live cannabis flower. It’s a delicate process that preserves the aromatic terpenes as well as the cannabinoids for a naturally flavorful extract. If you think of distillate as the weed version of Everclear, then live resin is sort of like a biodynamic pinot noir — you can taste every bit of the plant, what it was fed, how it was grown. Or, more accurately, cannabis expert Jordan Lams says, “If live resin is the peppermint plant, distillate is extracted and refined peppermint oil.”

Lams is CEO and founder of Moxie , a company that specializes in cannabis concentrates. With distillate, he says, no matter what the source material tastes like, or whether it’s classified as an indica, sativa or hybrid, “”All of that’s gone. What you’re left with is one constituent, which is almost characterless, other than the ratio of cannabinoids like THC and CBD.”

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Another difference, Lams says, is that, in addition to stripping the extract down to raw cannabinoids, the heat in the distillation process chemically activates THC, changing it from THCA (which doesn’t get you high) to psychoactive Delta-9 THC. “If you were to eat live resin, it wouldn’t have any psychoactive effects,” Lams explains. “Distillate is activated cannabinoids: no flavor compounds, no aromatic compounds, no inorganic byproducts from plants.” You can eat distillate and get high without heating it by vaping, in other words, which makes it a popular option for commercial edibles manufacturers.

The Entourage Effect
The cannabis plant produces an incredible variety of compounds: cannabinoids, including THC and CBD; aromatic, flavorful terpenes; and flavonoids (phytonutrients found in fruits and vegetables). “The ‘high’ you get comes from a symphony of elements: all of the cannabinoids and flavonoids, working together with all of the terpenes,” Samari says. The synergy of all those compounds interacting in your brain and body when you smoke a joint, or vape live resin, is known as the “entourage effect.”

A live resin extract vape cartridge isn’t as potent as a distillate cartridge — the THC percentage of resin usually hovers somewhere around 45 or 50 percent, while distillate can weigh in at 85 or 90 percent THC — but, because of the entourage effect, choosing weed based on THC levels doesn’t necessarily make sense. The combined effect of THC and CBD working together with terpenes and flavonoids produces a greater effect than if working separately. Think of it as the glorious elements of an ice cream sundae all coming together in your mouth to zap your brain’s pleasure center, rather than a spoonful of hot fudge. Wouldn’t be nearly as satisfying without the ice cream, nuts and cherry, would it?

“People who aren’t educated think that distillate delivers the ‘knockout punch,’” says Samari. “But in all reality, the entourage effect will give you a more intense high.”

At a mass-marketing level, distillate is more widely available because it can be processed cheaply from cannabis trim, which is considered “trash material” by true cannabis lovers. “You’ll hear people referring to distillate as ‘hot dog water,’” says Samari.

Lams uses a different metaphor: “The way I always describe it is, and this might be cheesy, but you’re using every part of the buffalo. You can take nearly any garbage and make it into something useful. Parts of the plant that people would historically throw away can now be turned into value, at a price point that anyone can afford.”

The impulse to compare weed to alcohol is understandable, because it’s easy for most of us to relate to, but getting high is nothing like getting hammered. Try thinking of distillate versus live resin in terms of TV: if THC distillate is the Big Bang Theory, then live resin is Broad City. Or music: if The Chainsmokers are distillate, Tyler the Creator is live resin. Or shoes: Crocs? Distillate. Off-whites? Resin. It’s a game you can play forever — especially if you’re stoned.

Cannabis Cartridges

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Vaporizers are the perfect solution for those looking for a convenient, discreet, and effective way to enjoy cannabis. More commonly known as ‘vape pens,’ vaporizers are a healthier alternative to traditional smoking methods and have been met with increasing popularity. Vaping is a unique process that involves transforming a liquid into a vapor. A vape contains a cannabis cartridges that is loaded with concentrate. Once the cartridge is depleted, it will either need to be refilled or disposed of, depending on the type of vape pen you own.

How Cannabis Cartridges Work

Using a vape pen is simple. Just press the button and inhale the vapor through the mouthpiece. This action automatically heats up the cartridge which allows you to vape instantly. Vape cartridges operate using vape pen batteries. A vape pen battery powers an atomizer in the cartridge which heats up the oil. The heating of the oil also activates its chemical compounds which are then inhaled by the user. More advanced vape pens have multiple functions that allow the user to control the temperature and dose.

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Benefits of Cartridges Over Cannabis Flower

There are many reasons why so many people are using cannabis cartridges. First, vape pens are discreet. There is no smoke or lingering odors that could catch the attention of passersby. There are also many varieties to choose from. You can find cannabis oils in a wide range of flavors. As cartridges contain concentrated fillings, they are able to maintain their potency and flavor much longer compared to flower. Cannabis cartridges are also available in several varieties, such as plastic wick, Pax Pods, glass, and metal. The higher the quality of materials, the more developed and untainted the flavor.

Shop for Cartridges

At Pure Oasis, you will find a full range of highly potent cartridges to use with various portable, stationary, or disposable vaporizing devices. Our concentrated cannabis cartridges contain pure liquid THC oils derived from different strains of cannabis to deliver a rewarding vaping experience. Our cannabis cartridge line has received rave reviews from customers and we are committed to expanding our product line to meet customer demand. Are you ready to try a vape pen for the first time or need replacement cartridges for your existing vaporizer? Shop our complete selection of cannabis cartridges today at Pure Oasis.

Your Guide to THC Oil Cartridges in 2022

By now, it’s likely you’ve heard of THC oil cartridges if you’ve yet to try them yourself. Vape carts are becoming more popular than ever for their unique benefits, versatility, and availability. But if you’re unfamiliar with THC oil cartridges, it’s likely you may have some questions.

By now, it’s likely you’ve heard of THC oil cartridges if you’ve yet to try them yourself. Vape carts are becoming more popular than ever for their unique benefits, versatility, and availability. But if you’re unfamiliar with THC oil cartridges, it’s likely you may have some questions.

Due to their convenience and potency, we recommend every cannabis consumer get to know vaping THC oil better. That’s why we’re covering all the bases on THC oil vape cartridge refills, carts, use, buying tips, and more.

Keep reading to become an expert before you hit the store, online or in person.

THC Oil Cartridges Basics

Put simply, THC oil cartridges are mini tanks that are filled with oils extracted from cannabis plants. Most are 510 thread cartridges that have a small coil at the bottom to connect with a 510 thread battery . Once connected, and by powering up the vape pen battery, heat is applied to the THC oil cartridge for vaporizing and inhaling.

Typically, THC oil vape cartridge refills come in 1 g or 0.5 g amounts and deliver anywhere from 200-400 hits. Due to their highly convenient nature, an increasing number of consumers are buying THC oil cartridges to use on the go. Plus, they’re odor is less than flower and dissipates more quickly.

If you’d like to reap the same benefits, what are some of the factors you should consider to choose the right THC oil cartridge for yourself? We’ll cover the most important tips for buying THC vape carts, next.

Tips for Choosing the Right THC Vape Cartridge

Don’t be confused when trying to decide which is the best THC oil cartridge for you. Review the tips below to learn the top traits and characteristics to look for.

  • Choose a quality brand – Unfortunately, there are many fake vape cart manufacturers lurking in the market today. So, be sure to double-check the brand you’re purchasing and ensure they’re legit and well-known for high quality. You can ask your budtender directly if buying in person or do a quick internet check to peruse real-time consumer reviews.
  • Check potency and purity – Most THC oil cartridges should contain anywhere from 70-90%. Anything above or below that range is likely cut with some type of filler, or overprocessed unsafely to reach such high levels of THC. Because cannabis oil can be safely vaporized, and inhaled, your THC oil cartridge should have no additives to be pure and clean for safe use.
  • Verify testing – Of course, don’t just take the label’s word for it when it comes to what the THC oil cartridge contains. Any quality, legitimate brand should provide transparent testing results. These types of tests will verify potency, and usually, confirm the presence of other cannabinoids and terpenes. In addition, verify that there are no levels of unsafe molds, metals or toxins.
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Step by Step Guide to Use Your THC Oil Cartridge

Need a helping hand to start using your THC oil vape cartridge refill? Follow our step-by-step guide below to begin vaporizing with your new vape cart. You’ll find that it is far more simple than some other consumption methods.

  1. Remove your THC oil cartridge from its packaging.
  2. Retrieve your vape pen battery and ensure that it’s charged. Some devices will require you to power the battery on, by clicking the button 3-5 times consecutively. Others are draw-activated and will heat once you begin to inhale.
  3. If your vape pen battery has voltage options, set it to the heat that you prefer or the lowest possible setting to start.
  4. Press the button, or inhale to begin vaporizing depending on the type of battery you choose.
  5. Wait a few minutes to gauge just how the high potency affects you personally, before continuing with additional puffs.
  6. Enjoy, and feel free to experiment with varying temperatures by adjusting the voltage as you go!

At times, you may experience a vape pen cartridge with no airflow issue. In that case, try sucking harder or heating the pen for longer before inhaling. This normally loosens up any stuck oil, to allow you to keep vaping smoothly.

The Benefits of THC Oil Carts

While we’ve mentioned some advantages of THC oil cartridges, let’s more clearly define their benefits in case you’re still on the fence.

  1. Convenient for on-the-go use
  2. Discreet and practically odorless
  3. Long-lasting
  4. Flavorful & potent
  5. Maybe a healthier alternative to smoking

All in all, THC oil cartridges are the future of consuming cannabis as smoking flower quickly becomes more ‘old-school’. Are you still wondering if you should make the transition to THC oil vape cartridge refills? Listen up to some of the most frequently asked questions, next!

Are THC Oil Cartridges For You?

THC oil cartridges are the preferred consumption method for many due to their compact nature, high potency, and discretion. But many consumers find themselves caught in their old ways and have a hard time adjusting to something new. So, should you spring for a vape pen battery to join the trend?

100% unequivocally, yes. THC oil cartridges deliver a profound, clean, and pure buzz from the cannabis plant’s most precious oils. Most brands have strain-specific THC oil vape cartridge refills too, so you can continue to tailor your own specific and desired set of effects.

Even if you’re not the biggest fan, THC oil cartridges are quite cost-effective so you won’t be out a ton of money, either.

Do Vape Cartridges Get You High?

THC vape oil cartridges will deliver a psychoactive high, yes. If your vape cartridge is made from hemp or CBD dominant, it will not produce an intense high or buzz as THC would. Just like smoking flower, expect effects to kick in almost immediately and last anywhere from 30 min to 2 hours depending on dosage, personal tolerance, and other personal physiological factors.

Where Can I Buy THC Oil Cartridges?

THC oil cartridges are readily available at legal, licensed dispensaries across the US. You can shop online for pick-up, or delivery, too. It’s important to purchase THC oil vape cartridge refills at a reputable dispensary or vendor to ensure quality and safety.

If you’re looking for a specific brand, many like O.pen have a store locator, authorized retailer list, or link to shop direct, located on their websites.

THC Oil Cartridges – The Final Word

With the information you gained today, consider yourself a THC oil cartridge expert. So, take your newfound knowledge and get your own THC oil vape cartridge refill to join the growing movement. Plus, reap the benefits that THC vape pens can provide.

Shop O.pen now, for all of your vape accessories needs including premium vape pen batteries, THC oil cartridges, and more.