Cbd oil dosage for adhd reddit

Are there any studies of CBD on ADHD? Do people benefit from it in the areas of focus, concentration, and memory?

I had a medical cannabis prescription and the cannabis doctor (yes a real doctor lol) told me last week basically that if I can get my sleep under control (ie regular quality sleep at a decent time) that a lot of my ADHD symptoms are likely to improve. I also have read a lot of people say their ADHD meds lose effectiveness if they do not get enough sleep. So while I’m not sure CBD directly does anything for ADHD—if it help manage sleep for you (and you may need to add THC), and in turn improve symptoms.

How is your sleep schedule? Do you get a lot of sleep and exercise? I feel like I get the sleep part but at completely wrong hours 5am-2pm which is to what we as people are not programmed for

I can definitely attest to this. If I have poor sleep (which is often), my meds do not work. Which sucks because I try to take them anyway and drink a lot of coffee to force myself awake which causes poor sleep which renders my meds ineffective…

I should really just lay low on poor sleep days and try again the next day but I’m not always in a position to be tired all day lol.

Anecdotal: Helps with my anxiety, which in turn takes pressure off some of my ADD struggle, but doesn’t make getting things started/easier.

I don’t know about CBD, but I had issues with THC when I was using that. For some reason, nothing has ever given me as much dopamine, so I became irritable whenever I wasn’t high. I’m sure that it’s not like that with everyone, but that’s how it was with me. If you plan on using any psychoactive substance as a form of self-medication, be extremely careful.

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That’s what happened to one of my ex’s who also has ADHD. For me, CBD doesn’t really do anything. THC tends to make me freak out, though.

It helps me manage my frustration/freak out episodes. For example, was working on paper that was already late (cause ADD) when my program decided to update; lost ~50% of my work. Smoked a little and didn’t throw computer out of window, so that was nice.

I think if you have an irritable subtype of ADHD CBD helps alleviate it.

There is some evidence that it increases blood flow to the hippocampus which helps regulate emotions. I think, we may find a link between blood flow, and the accumulation of hypoxic damage in the brain. Modern man uses his brain much longer without rest.

I don’t think it has any direct impact. It helps me with anxiety and pain in my back. It also helps reduce the impacts of thc on my symptoms. It doesn’t actually reduce any of my adhd symptoms though.

In combination with melatonin it helps me get a better night of sleep, I don’t wake up so much during the night and my circadian rhythm feels more like a rhythm instead of a noise. xD Not as good as weed with THC for that but still.

I work at a cannabis shop in LA. I also have ADHD. I have use a 4:1 (CBD:THC) from yummy karma called cloud9. I didn’t really feel any affect on me personally but I think it really depends on the person. I’ve heard whispers that say CBD doesn’t have a lot of effect on the symptoms on persons with ADHD but cannabis hasn’t had a lot of research on this topic (at least I think) because it has been federally illegal for a long time. That doesn’t mean CBD doesn’t work on you. I’ve had CBD edibles and have felt them.

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That being said the best thing to do is try it yourself. CBD works best with a small amount of THC, reason why? CBD on its own can’t stick to our receptors but THC does. When paired together (even a small amount) they greatly benefit each other.

CBD can help with anxiety so in theory it could help with any anxiety caused from your ADHD.

If you have any questions please let me know. I would write more but I’m drunk at a bar

People say CBD has no psychoactive effect with relation to THC. It doesn’t make you high but CBD does mess with with psyche – making you calm, etc

Even if you don’t think CBD works on your ADHD I would considered to still take it because the benefits of taking CBD are great. Helps with inflammation and etc


I’m wondering about the effectiveness of CBD for ADHD versus other substances such as Aderall. I have a very hard time sitting down to do my work and I was wondering if CBD would help me. Anyone with ADHD who has tried this?

Have ADHD. Sorry to say CBD does absolutely nothing to alleviate symptoms one way or the other. I can think of no way in which the effects of CBD compare to Adderall.

I guess that makes sense, shouldn’t expect it to actually treat my symptoms specifically.

Agree. Im almost a little less sharp with cbd. But the anxiety aspect is definitely dulled with it.

29yo here I disagree, perhaps maybe everyone’s different but I was diagnosed with ADD as a child and anytime I’ve ever stop taking my medication it was very noticeable. Recently I’ve started taking CBD products and I haven’t had my medicine for over 3 weeks (just to test it). For some reason I’ve felt great everyday since. This has never been the case in the past when stopping my medication.

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I have ADHD, have been on 30mg of Adderall for 16 years. I recently discovered CBD flower and have found it does a great job of mitigating some of the anxiety inducing effects of the adderall. Sometimes I still get antsy, tense, or irritable due to the adderall (and the nature of ADHD and comorbidity with anxiety/depression). The CBD helps “take the edge off.” My favorite analogy ive heard so far is that everything is loud in my head. The Adderall helps to focus on specific noises, the CBD turns down the global volume a bit. I find (everyone is different obviously so grain of salt) that it helps me stay calmer and more centered. I find myself to be more mellow when I have it. I tried the oils, the capsules, the tinctures, the sublingual all of it to no real avail. I recently got a vaporizer (for cannabis, which I was using habitually to deal with all of the above symptoms) and purchased some CBD flower. For me, this stuff is completely different. It also has had the added benefit for me of replacing my habitual cannabis usage. I have, without really meaning to, only gotten high one time in the last 6 weeks since getting the CBD. I really cant say enough good things about it, plus its only like $65 an oz if you snag a sale.

That being said, I would never not take my Adderall. Ive tried everything in the last decade in a half to help the ADHD and nothing works like it. The CBD is just a nice supplementary medication to make everything go smoother for me.