Cbd oil for 19.95

Rest & Repair: CBD Massage Oil

Revitalising body oil with a light texture that spreads well and absorbs into the skin. Can be used as a massage oil to aid in soothing tired muscles or as a daily body oil. Packed full of natural oils that restore skin elasticity and lock in moisture, leaving the skin looking healthy and youthful.

The cannabinoids in CBD massage oil helps to reduce inflammation and soothe muscles. This makes it very effective at providing relief from painful joints and muscles.

Can be applied all over the body for instant softness.

Pharma-grade flavoured CBD oils

Our premium CBD oils are expertly blended with natural flavours and ingredients so you can take a daily dose of CBD with confidence. Our CBD is lab tested for purity and potency, with certified zero THC, no allergens and no heavy metals. Our formulas are vegan friendly and gluten free and cruelty free.

Our range of CBD oils and skincare are all made in the UK at our facility in Swansea.

Restore some balance at work





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Our mission is to help people discover the power of CBD and to create products with purpose that our customers can use with confidence in everyday life. Our pharma-grade, premium quality CBD products are all made in the UK using natural ingredients and premium CBD.

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CBD Oil 20% 2000mg 10ml

Herb40 aims to provide high-quality CBD products at a fraction of the cost of large brands. Our 2000mg CBD oil is perfect for those seeking a high-quality unflavored CBD oil.

  • Melt away stress, anxiety, chronic pain
  • Find calm, rest & a good night’s sleep
  • Regain balance for overall wellness

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10ml of high-quality 20% CBD oil with a natural flavoring

Our Broad Spectrum CBD oil contains a wide range of cannabinoids, except no THC. Our oil is created with THC-free distillate from Colorado and diluted in Medium-Chain Triglycerides oil (MCT coconut oil), which gives our broad-spectrum oil a much milder flavour compared to other carrier oils.

Our CBD oil is a potent supplement with a wide variety of health benefits that is 100% natural and third-party lab certified for quality. If you’re looking for a premium quality CBD product with no THC, this is an excellent option.

Herb40 CBD oils are high in cannabinoids, fatty acids, and terpenes, all of which are found naturally in hemp plants. Rest assured that our CBD oils contain no THC. Our CBD products have been lab-tested for purity and do not contain THC.

Your Health Matters

We take your health very seriously, because of this we continually 3rd party test our products to ensure they meet our and your high standards. At the bottom of the page is the lab test certificate.

Natural flavour and vegan friendly!
Pesticide and GMO-Free
Gluten-Free & Sugar-Free
Made in the USA and USDA Certified

Each our 10ml bottle contains 30 servings and four strength options: 500mg, 1000mg, 1500mg and 2000mg.

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Organic MCT Oil, Organic Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp Extract, Organic Stevia.