Cbd oil for amputee stumps

CBD lotion for pain?

My grandma is an amputee of about 2 years now. She still complains of pain in the residual limb especially when the weather changes. I was wondering if anyone here has tried using CBD lotions/topicals to manage their pain. I want to get some for her but I want to see if its effective for this purpose before going and buying an expensive lotion for her. What are your experiences/recommendations? Thank you!

CBD creams work alright. Everyone reacts differently though, so one person’s experience won’t match someone else’s. Personally, I find THC infused lotions work better — but might not be available in your state.

Were in Texas so THC is not an option for us at the moment. Thank you for your insight!

I’ve been using CBD oil for massaging the scar tissue and I have found it helps with phantom pain.

I’ve been using a CBD cream that a Whole Foods employee recommended. It does it’s job, but don’t use it during the day with your prosthetic. It will make the rubber part of your socket slide off your leg which can be very bothersome and not to mention, dangerous. So yea, it gives me a little bit of relief but I mostly use it to desensitize the constant nerve pain by massaging at the end of the day. Hope this helps

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May | June 2019 12 With nearly 120,000 followers, the Amputee Coalition’s Facebook page is an active community and a source of virtual support for amputees across the United States and around the world. It provides an opportunity for people like you to ask questions, get answers, inspire one another, and share experiences and stories. It creates a real sense of belonging for amputees who otherwise may not have an opportunity to interact and connect with people who share similar experiences. The following discussions are just a small sample of the thoughts and information shared every day. You can join the conversation today! You can help provide support to other amputees, ask questions you might have that others can help answer, or share your stories and experiences. If you are affected by neuropathy, what approach do you take for relief? CT I have complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). After many different approaches to find relief from the burning and tingling, I ended up with a spinal cord stimulator and with that, combined with Lyrica, I got my life back. KG Cymbalta is used “off label” to help neuropathy pain in some patients. Also, if you’re using Lyrica or Gabapentin and they are not working, make sure your physician has you on the max daily doses. Pain management or podiatry would be good options. JC Look into turmeric. Also, essential oils…and compression socks (typically used for plantar fasciitis). BBR Acupuncture may give you relief. RE I have neuropathy in my right foot and both hands. Lyrica works for me but it costs too much. I use CBD oil now. I vape it, and on really bad days a couple of drops under the tongue works. KRB I take Gabapentin, and that really helps. I’m a second right transmetatarsal amputee due to MRSA. The pain is crazy sometimes. Another thing that helps is having my stump rubbed. I also use Vicks Vapor Rub on it. And yes, look into medical marijuana…that helps too. If you wear a prosthesis, how do you deal with perspiration, especially in warm weather? JW Use an antiperspirant like Certain Dri on your residual limb at night before bed. It reduces sweat immensely. You can, of course, use it anywhere else you want to. Light-colored clothing is a good idea when in the sun. And have a hand towel to wipe down as needed. GSM You may also try using cornstarch; rub it on your leg, then put the liner over it. VM I experience a swollen stump whenever I go to a hot, humid place. That’s one thing to consider, aside from sweating. I use my prosthesis early in the morning and at night; I use my wheelchair during the day. This way, you don’t get blisters. It’s not our obstacles that define us, but how we overcome them. What challenge have you faced in recovery from limb loss, and how did you overcome it? AG Well, first, I couldn’t use my toilet, ha ha. Second, I couldn’t take showers for three months before I had enough courage to go in. Third, I was in a wheelchair for six weeks, using a slide board. Today, I walk without my cane. What drove me was my family. They needed me and instilled courage in me. My advice is to stay positive. You may not see the light like I did, wondering if I would be normal again. Yesterday, I took my first WI SDOM OF

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