Cbd oil for dogs success stories

CBD Oil for Pets: Success Stories

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is derived from cannabis. Unlike marijuana products, CBD oil is non-psychoactive and doesn’t create a high because it has low-THC content. This makes it a safer alternative, while still providing health benefits.

Recently, people have turned to it as a way to help their pets suffering from physical and behavioral ailments. Although still controversial, it is revolutionary for many pets who have struggled otherwise. Here are some success stories from around the country. Before you try it on your pet (or yourself), be sure to do your research and always seek the advice of your veterinarian.

Brought Back From the Brink of Death!

Emma Smith of Sherman Oaks, California started using CBD oil on her 13-year-old Pomeranian, Tinkerbell, about a year and a half ago when she was battling liver disease and having chronic seizures. She was unable to walk, eat, or use the bathroom on her own, so Smith knew she didn’t have much time. Her vet said the best thing would be to euthanize her, so she made the appointment.

At the last minute, based on a recommendation from her local dispensary, Emma decided to try CBD oil to make her comfortable in her last few hours. That night, she gave Tinkerbell a dose of CBD oil before bed and the next morning she was walking, using the bathroom on her own again, and had no seizures! She marvels, “we are still not sure how it all works, but CBD has kept our little girl alive for a year-plus longer than we expected!” Emma cautions, “the dosage is tricky at first, but we are so happy to have found CBD for our pets! We’ve continued to use CBD to control the seizures and it has worked ever since. it’s been almost 2 years, and we have seen our pup do so well on the oil that we will never stop using it. Still doing great, she’s about to have her 15th birthday, and we couldn’t be happier!”

Three Years of Sickness Halted!

Toby is a 7-year-old Great Dane/Akita mix who lives in Santa Clarita, California. His mom, Jordan, says Toby had terrible stomach problems from the moment they brought him home from the shelter at 2 months old; he vomited and had watery bowel movements every single day. “It was a struggle to convince him to eat because he knew he was going to get sick,” Jordan says. Over the years, they spent thousands of dollars trying to figure out what was wrong, to no avail. In 2013, figuring they had nothing to lose, Jordan tried Canna-Pet CBD oil on Toby. It totally changed everything. Now Toby doesn’t fight Jordan during mealtimes; he eats willingly, and there’s no more vomit or diarrhea. And so far, there have been no side effects. Jordan has been so impressed by the results that she says, “I use it on my feral foster, whom I couldn’t even touch because of her anxiety. She’s been on it for 6 months, and I can touch her, put a leash on and off her, and she will come when I call her!” Jordan also noted that her cancer-stricken hospice dog, who hadn’t been eating before the CBD oil, is now eating and much more comfortable. And she’s been lucky that her vets have responded favorably to this: “they were supportive and said they would do research themselves on it. They admitted nothing was working, so they didn’t object to trying an alternative.”

Life-changing for Abused and Neglected Dogs

Jeanie Shulz is a rescuer and provider of foster/adopter and behavioral support in the Portland, Oregon area. Over the past 20 years, she’s worked with upwards of 1,000 dogs that have special medical needs or are victims of severe abuse or neglect. The vast majority of the dogs she works with are older and have a variety of medical problems (ranging from arthritis to cancer) and severe anxiety/fear/aggression. She first learned about CBD oil from a friend who is a cancer survivor and firm believer in it. Of the 60 dogs she’s currently working with, she has 17 on CBD oil that have been taking it for various lengths of time, ranging from one week to six years.

Overall, she’s had tremendous success and only one mishap: “I’ve only had one dog that probably got more than she should have because she got into the bag of CBD cookies and ate several. She got disoriented and off-balance for a few hours and was fine the next day. That was the only negative response I’ve had and that was very minor,” she says. In all of the dogs, she saw a positive result after using it for about a week to two weeks with no interruptions. For the dogs w/ medical needs (in particular arthritis), it’s as if their joints get “oiled,” resulting in much less discomfort and more ease of movement throughout their daily activities. For example, one dog named Xena (pictured) was unable to sit and had trouble walking short distances due to severe abuse. She is now a “prancer” after being on it about two to three months, goes on short walks, and is able to sit and lie down comfortably. She’s even able to lay out and stretch on her back for a belly rub. none of which she could do before. “In all of the dogs”, Jeanie says, “I’ve seen definite improvement and no one acts ‘drugged’ or listless. It’s very gentle, unlike synthetic pharmaceuticals and all the dogs who have had bloodwork recently are doing well. their numbers look better than they ever have.”

No Longer Plagued by Thunder and 4th of July

Annie Bahr of West Chicago, Illinois got her now ten-year-old dog Cubbie from a rescue when he was only 6 weeks old. He was a great dog, trained quickly, and had no issues. But suddenly, when he was about 5 years old, he became scared of fireworks, so she got him a compression shirt to help him with 4th of July. “That did nothing,” Annie says, “Cubbie went into our basement and shredded a 5 x 5 foot area of brand new carpet.” A year or so later the fear/anxiety progressed to include thunderstorms. The vet gave Cubbie some anxiety meds, but they did nothing. He still was terrified and they were always scared that he was going to have a heart attack. As the years have gone on, his anxiety over storms and fireworks continued. Annie says, “I tried every ‘calming’ treat on Amazon that I could and even melatonin. Nothing worked. I have about 6 different areas in my home that are completely shredded.” This year, Annie’s father was diagnosed with stage-4 lung cancer. While researching, she stumbled on the benefits of CBD oil. While her father was too advanced in his sickness, Annie looked into it for Cubbie. She didn’t wait long to try it, because “the next day, we had HUGE thunderstorms. Worse than I could remember. I was afraid to try the CBD oil, so I used his melatonin treats. They didn’t seem to work. He was so upset and terrified, I decided to try the oil. Within about 10-15 minutes, Cubbie was laying by our feet on the couch as we watched TV and listened to the thunder roll. It was amazing. I have not used it since as we have no had any more big storms, but I have it ready to go and would recommend it to anyone!”

A New lease on Life – and Business

CBD oil came into the life of Beth Ann Corr of Boston, Massachusetts when her 14-year-old Sheltie, Tamu (pictured), was diagnosed with sarcoma and also had pretty serious arthritis. He was on oral chemo, and she wanted something without side effects for the arthritis. She saw a very short piece on the local news about a woman who was giving her dogs CBD biscuits and it piqued her curiosity so she set out to learn more. She found a supplier, started giving it to Tamu, and saw results!

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Beth Ann says, “Tamu had not come up stairs in over a year and a half, and after about 2 weeks on the CBD, he bounded up the steps and was also able to jump in the car again! The CBD was also very helpful in keeping up his appetite during chemo.

Tamu passed away recently and Beth Ann has since adopted another Sheltie named Jazz, who was “extremely fearful of everything and very noise phobic,” so she started him on CBD and he has become a different dog.

Not only does Beth Ann supply her own dogs with it, but she is so impressed by the results, that she helps others too! After she started sharing the oil with others, “the feedback was so positive (for a variety of issues) that a business partner and I started up our own website” she says. Business is good for them, and she loves teaching others about it. She says, “it is a real education process; some people have never heard of CBD, or are under the mistaken impression that their pet will get high.”

Does CBD Work for Dogs?

Topper, a 7-year-old Ibizan Hound, could hardly walk after being diagnosed with severe arthritic changes due to Valley fever. “The pain became so debilitating he had to be carried outside to eat, drink, or use the bathroom,” recalls owner Christy Moore. “He was on pain medication but it wasn’t working. A friend recommended pet CBD. Within three days he could walk on all four legs and I was crying tears of joy. It was the miracle we needed.”

Lady Amelthia, a Greyhound, was so petrified of thunderstorms she would destroy a crate to escape. “Holding her only made her claw to get away. A ThunderShirt reduced her from 100 to 90 on the anxiety scale,” recalls owner Jenn Boswell, director of the Alabama Greyhound Adoption Center. “Veterinary-prescribed trazodone took it down to a 50. Tried three drops of CBD oil and it went down to a 5.”

Success stories abound of dogs overcoming anxiety, slowing seizures, and even beating cancer due to cannabidiol (CBD), one of more than 100 cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. But how can one substance help so many unrelated problems? Or can it?

Cannabinoids are substances including CBD and THC that mimic the endocannabinoid chemicals naturally produced in all vertebrates. Receptors for endocannabinoids are found throughout the body. The body’s endocannabinoids act as master regulators that signal other systems when to speed up or slow down, working to stabilize the body and return it to homeostasis. Cannabinoids from the cannabis plant affect these same receptors, each in slightly different ways. For example, THC causes a high, while CBD does not.

Is It Harmful?

Unlike THC, which can cause toxicity and even death in dogs when given at prescribed human dosages, the worst CBD has been documented to do is cause diarrhea and changes in some liver enzyme values after several weeks. The main concern with CBD is that it inhibits a chemical in the body called cytochrome P450 that is responsible for metabolizing most drugs. If a drug’s efficacy depends on its metabolized product, CBD could render it less effective. If a drug’s safety depends on it being cleared from the body within a certain time frame, CBD could cause it to build up to toxic levels. Never give your dog CBD without your veterinarian’s knowledge if your dog is taking other drugs.

Does It Work?

Research with dogs is still scarce, but there’s a huge body of research (about 23,000 published papers!) looking at CBD’s effect on laboratory animals and humans, with encouraging results for pain, especially arthritic pain, itchiness, anxiety, and cancer, all of which have at least one canine study as well. The results in dogs? It depends.

Arthritis: Several studies have looked at CBD’s effectiveness against arthritic pain, all with positive results. A Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine study found dogs given CBD at a rate of 4.4 mg per pound twice daily for a month showed significant improvement in pain relief and quality of life. Lead investigator Joe Wakshlag, DVM, Ph.D., DACVN, said that some dogs were initially so decrepit that their owners considered euthanasia, but that after just days on CBD they were trotting around and even climbing stairs. A Baylor University study found similar improvement, adding that CBD worked better when delivered in a liposomal formulation.

Itchiness: Two recent double-blind, placebo-controlled dog studies report CBD significantly reduces itchiness. An Australian study conducted by the company CannPal found their CBD product reduced itchiness, inflammation, and skin lesions by 51 percent after eight weeks of treatment. An American study conducted by the company ElleVet found their product, which combines CBD with another cannabinoid, CBDA, significantly reduced owners’ reports of itchiness.

Cancer: Cannabinoids are reported to induce cancer-cell death and prevent metastasis. In a Cornell University study of CBD, dogs, and cancer, researchers found CBD along with a standard chemotherapy drug reduced cancer-cell proliferation in vitro more than the chemotherapy drug alone. Anecdotal reports from veterinarians have claimed CBD shrunk cancer cells or put dogs into remission.

Behavior: Anxiety, and especially noise reactivity, is a major reason dog owners seek help using CBD. But despite anecdotal reports of its effectiveness, no controlled study so far has shown it to be particularly effective. A study from the University of Western Australia may show promise for aggressive behavior. Shelter dogs with aggressive tendencies exhibited less aggression toward humans when tested after 15 days of CBD administration. In a study from the University of Kentucky, physiological measurements of anxiety in response to noise were not significantly different for CBD versus placebo, and were worse compared to trazodone (a drug commonly prescribed for anxiety). Note, however, that in this study the CBD was administered four to six hours before testing, which may have been too long a waiting period.

Seizures: Lots of anecdotal reports hail CBD’s success combatting seizures in dogs, but the single controlled study delivered moderate results. In this Colorado State University study, dogs given CBD for 12 weeks had 33 percent fewer seizures than those given a placebo, but it didn’t work for every dog. These researchers are now working on a larger trial using higher CBD doses. Note that THC has been reported to cause seizures, so it should never be included in any CBD product for seizure control. In addition, CBD’s effect on cytochrome P450 could interfere with prescribed anti-seizure drugs, so never use it without your veterinarian’s consent.

Other: There’s also evidence from laboratory animals that CBD is effective in promoting bone healing, fighting infection, treating inflammatory bowel disease, slowing degenerative myelopathy, quelling nausea, and relieving pain, but these have yet to be specifically examined in dogs.

How to Choose CBD For Dogs?

With hundreds of CBD products on the market, and little regulation of them, it’s not easy to know which is best. Look for a product with the National Animal Supplement Counsel (NASC) Seal of Quality Assurance, and one that has a third-party certificate of analysis that includes potency, lists all ingredients, and discloses the possible presence of heavy metals, mycotoxins, or pesticides. Avoid edible products formulated for human consumption, which often contain ingredients such as xylitol that are toxic to pets.

Choose broad-spectrum products, which include other cannabinoids and substances known as terpenes that are also in the cannabis plant. CBD seems to work best when it’s in conjunction with these rather than isolated. But avoid full-spectrum products that include THC.

Aim for about 0.1 to 0.2 mg per kilogram of your dog’s weight, given twice daily by mouth. Work up gradually, but beware that more is not always better with CBD, as sometimes the response is biphasic, meaning that it doesn’t work if you give too little or too much.

Is It Legal?

Many veterinarians are reluctant to suggest CBD, whether because they believe CBD is not yet sufficiently proven helpful or because they fear professional or legal repercussions. CBD products are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration for dogs, but neither are common supplements such as glucosamine or fish oil; nor the majority of human-approved prescription drugs routinely prescribed in veterinary practice.

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While it is legal to sell hemp-derived products containing less than 0.3 percent THC, until recently the American Veterinary Medical Association did not approve of veterinarians suggesting any cannabis products, including CBD, for patients. Even now, the law is unclear enough that many veterinarians fear repercussions if something went wrong due to their suggestion of CBD.

While some veterinarians are hesitant to suggest CBD, almost all are eager to discuss it once you bring it up. Of course, some veterinarians are more versed in its pros and cons than others. The main concern is its possible interaction with prescribed drugs.

Overall, the evidence is compelling that CBD can help at least some conditions. The endocannabinoid system is the largest system in the body, and the least explored. Every year brings new discoveries—and new claims. It’s the beginning of a brave new world of health, but as with any new path, expect some wrong turns, dead ends, and false hopes. CBD is not a miracle drug, but it may be the miracle your dog needs.

This article originally appeared in the award-winning AKC Family Dog magazine. Subscribe today!

Cbd oil for dogs success stories

By Erin Mastopietro
September 10, 2018

At Dope Dog, we take great pride in our work and the choices we make to deliver dog treats. We work with a mission-driven organization, and we are here to make an impact. We give back to the community by partnerships with animal rescue shelters across the country.
Our products are made in tiny batches with simple, human-grade ingredients that dogs love. And don’t worry, we’ve got your back; all of our products are tested by a third-party lab to verify quality, safety, and concentration .

It is our lifework to deliver quality products with excellent results . Our collection includes CBD dog treats, CBD shampoo, and CBD oil. CBD is used in dogs for pain, anxiety, inflammation, and many more conditions. You can have peace of mind knowing that our company creates products with high-quality human-grade ingredients derived from US grown hemp, which also includes lab-tested CBD .

In this article, our focus is to share with you real stories from pet owners on how our CBD treats helped their dogs. If you are interested in how to introduce your pet to CBD products, then take a look at this article by Forbes.

If you are interested in taking a look at any of our CBD products, take a look at our online shop !

CBD Success Story: A word from one of our Dope Dogs

Sharing a sweet success story from one of our first customers, Kimba. Thanks for sharing!

“Jake, my old man, will be 17 on the 18th of Sept. I’ve had him since he was 8 weeks old. He has a stage 5 heart murmur and is on a couple of heart meds and water pills. He is also blind and gets anxious. I give him Dope Dog and it settles him right down. Jake loves the crunchy biscuits and I love them because they keep him calm, they help his pain, they clean his teeth and they keep my anxiety levels low where my old guy is concerned! I was driving 30 miles to buy them and then I saw I could buy them online!! So I have them on auto ship every three weeks.”

“These treats also help Jake sleep at night. That helps me sleep as well!! These treats are a life saver on so many levels. Thank you Dope Dog for making such an awesome product!!”

Kimba, we are happy you are finally getting some rest now that you know Jake is sleeping sound =) ~From Dope Dog

As you’ve read in this story, our products helped Kimba sleep peacefully and helped him remain relaxed throughout the night. This also allowed Jack to sleep peacefully, knowing his dog is calm and not in pain.

We have made our products conveniently available for purchase online ; that way, people like Jack don’t have to drive long distances. Regardless of your location, at Dope Dog, we want to make things easy and convenient for you.

A Dope Dog Success Story: Tundra The Alusky

Separation anxiety is produced in dogs when they become upset because of separation from their guardians, who are the people they are mostly attached to. Dogs make attempts to escape when their separation anxiety is at extreme levels. This can result in self-injury and household destruction, especially around exit points like windows and doors. This is a serious condition that is challenging to cure in dogs.

We want to share this touching story about successful separation anxiety being resolved . This story is coming to us from San Diego! Molly, thank you so much for sharing Tundra’s story. He is ADORABLE!

“Hi! My name is Molly and I’m the owner of a 2 year old husky/malamute mix named Tundra. We got him officially two months ago, and he’s a VERY anxious doggo. When we got him, he was very used to being outside all the time, because he had always had separation anxiety but the previous owners didn’t know how to handle it, so he was left outside when they left. As a result, obviously, it didn’t get better. When we got him if we left for even a few minutes he would cry, and cry, and cry. until we got back. He just could not be left alone without getting severely depressed.

We tried many different things but recently tried Dope Dog after we saw them on Instagram. It has worked WONDERS on him. He is more focused while training and can handle being left alone. He is just much more relaxed and is learning how to be a real dog little by little with the help of Dope Dog treats. We think he loves the peanut butter treats more than he loves us sometimes thank you guys so much!”

This is such a fantastic story that touched our hearts. It gives us such joy hearing stories such as this one. Tundra is a much happier dog, and since he is more focused on his training, he is so much more relaxed and comfortable with his family.

Check out this article if you would like to learn more about Separation Anxiety .

Shyla’s success story: 15 years old and thriving!

This touching story and video comes to us from a wonderful group called K9 C.A.R.E. Inc ., a deep water aquatic center built specifically for dogs located in upstate New York. This story is about Shyla, one of the many dogs they have helped over the years.

Here is Shyla’s remarkable story.

“Shyla is 15+ years old, every day with a dog of that age is a gift. Shyla had a very rough night Wednesday night, she vomited 3 times during the night, she was quite restless and could not get comfortable. In the morning she did not want to eat or drink. She was not moving well. She would take a few steps and just stand there, with her head low. Not moving. Now, this is disturbing behavior for an older dog. Especially one who previously had a great appetite. Things are not looking good. We were very concerned. Then we said let’s give her some CBD oil, “we have nothing to lose”

Well. The difference this made to this dog is nothing short of a miracle. I wish I had taken a video of her before the CBD oil. Thursday we thought we were going to lose her, Saturday evening she was bouncing around. She was actually dancing and jumping around all day Saturday. She is eating and drinking again, she is happy and full of energy.

This is no coincidence…there is absolutely nothing else to attribute this amazing turn around to other than CBD Oil. Period.”

This story is quite touching because our products help dogs regardless of their age, size, and condition . It was so great to hear that Shyla’s condition improved with the use of our CBD Oil . She is much happier, healthier, and enjoying life to the fullest!

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A CBD Success Story: Epilepsy

Does someone you know struggle with epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a challenging medical condition because it can happen at any time . It is a disorder in which nerve cell activity in the brain is disturbed, causing seizures . As a matter of course, epilepsy and seizures result from abnormal circuit activity in the brain. Any event ranging from faulty wiring during brain development, brain inflammation, physical injury, or infection can lead to seizures and epilepsy.

Epilepsy can occur due to a genetic disorder or an acquired brain injury, such as a trauma or stroke.

During a seizure, a dog experiences abnormal behavior, symptoms, and sensations, sometimes including loss of consciousness . There are few symptoms between seizures. Epilepsy is usually treated by medications and, in some cases, by surgery, devices, or dietary changes.

Epilepsy requires lifelong treatment to control the seizures; in some rare cases, there is a possibility that the seizures may go away. However, the chance of becoming seizure-free is not good. The chances of their occurrence may decrease over time.

We would like to share this heartfelt story about the positive affects that CBD had on the life of TWO family members: one human and one Dope Dog.

“We specifically chose our little guy, Mr. Bandit a boy, because he is a bull terrier(ish) and bull terriers can be prone to epilepsy. We hoped he wouldn’t have epilepsy, but my husband has epilepsy so I thought they would be a good match and give each other comfort in their possibly mutual condition. Right away we realized Bandit had seizures, usually when he is sleeping or relaxing.

My husband has been on medication for much of his life and he knows the struggles and trials of treating epilepsy with meds. After a year and a half of Bandit’s seizures, we found Dope Dog hemp oil and calming crunchies. My husband’s seizures can be brought on by just high energy and intensity of mood – Bandit is such an energetic pup and we have only seen a calmer demeanor from that intensity since we’ve been using our Dope Dog goodies regularly.

We have been dosing 6mg per his 60 lbs as recommended for two months and I have only noticed two minor seizures since. He used to have seizures almost daily. Not only has his success obviously benefited Bandit, but it has encouraged my husband to try CBD in his diet as well. Bandit may have seizures and it may be rough, but it’s given him a special bond with my husband.

Before he has a seizure Bandit has a natural inclination to run to him so he can hug him until it’s passed. They’ve helped each other along the way and Dope Dog has ultimately helped Bandit be the best support doggo with seizures to his pawp. We know the difficulties in finding a solution for seizures and hope that everyone takes Dope Dog’s mission to heart! It’s worth every drop towards a better life!”

Thanks to Caitlyn for sharing her family’s story. See more of the most photogenic dog EVER on Instagram @mrbanditboy

Because of stories such as this one shows us that we are accomplishing our purpose. Dope Dog is not just a business for us but a mission to help people and their dogs. Stories like this one are why we take great pride in our work because we help so many all across the country.

CBD Success Story: Joint Pain

Joint pain is one of the most common issues seen in dogs . The signs of joint pain can emerge even in young dogs. Therefore it is important to be observant and spot the signs . Check out what Forbes has to say.

The commonly seen signs of joint pain in dogs are limping, reluctant to move around, spinal issues, loss of appetite, depression, sleepiness, irritability, aggression, chewing, biting, and licking . These are mainly the most common signs to watch out for and, here is how to spot them out in your dog.

A word from Chevy The Boston.

“Anyone else use CBD oil for their pup? Chevy uses it daily to manage her back/hip pain. It works wonders! It’s literally the difference between her being able to sit down in a timely manner vs having to spin 5 times, adjust her legs, spin 2 more times, and then slowly move her butt towards the ground in a half sit position. She used to be on pain Meds that were messing up her insides. so we took her off the Meds and out of pure desperation to find something that would work without nasty side effects. we gave CBD oil a try.

Chevy used to keep me up all night trying to get comfortable. I would have to manually lay her down every hour or so otherwise she kept spinning circles trying to lay down herself and find a comfortable position. It can be used for anxiety, it helps with inflammation, pain that comes with aging, epilepsy, and more. Head to @dopedogtreats or more info. Or, if you have any questions feel free to ask! We have done tons of research. Made in the USA (actually not too far from our house in Los Angeles, CA), made in small batches and lab tested.”

Thanks for the wonderful review! Connect with Chevy on IG @ChevytheBoston

As you have read earlier in this section about the different ways to spot for signs in your dog for joint pain, it is visible how uncomfortable it is to be in that condition. We are touched and honored that our products have easied and relieved the pain in many dogs all across the country. Being in pain is such a horrible condition to be in.

We are genuinely thankful that this story is also a successful one.

Learn more about CBD Treats for Dogs with Joint Pain by clicking here .

Back to School: A CBD Success Story

This is a unique success story coming to us from college student Lauren, about her cutie pie Bailey.

“When I moved from PA to MD with my pup, Bailey, I knew it could be a stressful move as it was her first. We live on a college campus for my job and she’s always adjusted well to noise, but in our new place, it was a bit more loud with hearing outside noises and it created some anxious barking for Bailey. I did a bunch of research and came across Dope Dog treats and decided to give the treats and oil a try. Not only did I notice a difference in her barking, but my neighbors did too! I love being able to provide a natural anxiety aid for her barking and feel good about what’s going into her body! Plus, she loves the taste of the Pb crunchies, salmon oil and the unflavored oil! Thank you so much Dope Dog!”

Mentally and emotionally, relocating is also difficult for dogs. The place is unfamiliar; it is new and a completely different environment than what your dog is used to. Just like for humans, it takes time to adapt to change; it is a similar process for dogs.

We are happy to hear at Dope Dog that our product helped your dog become less anxious and fell better.

Thanks for sharing Lauren!

The Overall Picture of CBD Success Stories

We have shared just a few of our success stories by our customers with you. Our mission is to provide quality products that help dogs, and as you have read from our stories, our products have achieved it.

If you have a dog who is suffering like any of the dogs from the stories and medicine does not work, or any other method you have tried has failed, then try one of our products.

We hope that if you have a dog that can benefit from our products, then search no more and give Dope Dog Products a try!