Cbd oil for ocd reddit

CBD oil for OCD?

Has anyone tried it? Did it help? And if, any specific type/brand that you’d recommend?

CBD can be a big part of a balanced and nuanced healing regime. To start I recommend checking in with the organic hemp society to get some dosage recommendations. They are great for newbies and their oils are quite special. CBD might help with some anxiety issues. Over time it seems to help unblock some issues for some folks. It really helped me with GAD, PTSD and some hereditary OCD type behaviors but the overall cure took many different lifestyle changes and the advice of some very smart healers. It did seem to help me with cravings as well.

My experience using CBD for anxiety and OCD

In my efforts to deal with anxiety and OCD, I decided to buy a tincture of Sunsoil’s chocolate mint full spectrum CBD oil, along with capsules. I took the oil consistently for three weeks and smoked flower purchased from Cannaflower twice.

I eased my way into about 30 mg a day with the oil and eventually bumped it up to 40 in the last week. I held it under my tongue for 3-5 minutes each time and always took it with a spoonful of peanut butter. I took it in the morning, the middle of the day, and an hour before bed. My experience with this was fairly straightforward: the oil made me drowsy for the first few days, which was helpful when I took part of the dose before bed, but not useful for the middle of the day when I needed to be productive. Other than that, I can confidently say it did nothing to assist me in dealing with anxiety, OCD, or panic attacks at all.

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In the third week, my friend offered Cannaflower’s Lifter and Bubba Kush to try, so I smoked two joints on different days. My experience with this was also very straightforward: no effects at all, and certainly no assistance with anxiety or intrusive thoughts in any way.

My thoughts: CBD may work for some people, but I don’t think it’s the right course of action for what I’m dealing with. If anyone has tips, suggestions, ideas on where I may have gone wrong, or other ideas related to CBD, I’d like to hear them.

TL;DR: Over the course of 3 weeks, I took sunsoil CBD oil and smoked two Cannaflower joints. Aside from initial drowsiness, I felt no effects and they did not help with anxiety or OCD.

Edit: “middle of the night” changed to “middle of the day”

Edit 2: Multiple commenters have suggested I try other practices or sources of help along with CBD. That’s precisely what I’ve been doing: therapy, meditation, yoga, the whole shebang. CBD was never my be-all and end-all option.