Cbd oil for tailbone pain

Is CBD Oil the Cure for Back Pain?

Experiencing back pain? Learn how CBD oil can make a difference for you.

Is CBD Oil the Cure for Back Pain?

Experiencing back pain? Learn how CBD oil can make a difference for you.

Chronic back pain is something not easily describable. Only people that suffer from it can elaborate on the full extent of it. The rest of us can merely sympathize and hope they get better. There are various treatments and medications around. They all have one significant flaw – they only fix the pain to a certain point.

In most cases, that pain, especially tailbone pain, can only be relieved by using a lower back brace daily. Sometimes, even surgery is to be considered. These are big steps and big procedures, but often to no avail. Patients often find a coccyx pillow and a bottle of ibuprofen as their only treatment. But, hold on.

Recent research has pointed out that there might be a solution. CBD oil (Cannabidiol oil) may be the miraculous cure for back pain. How does this magical Cannabis derivative pull off the results recent studies have indicated? How does it work? Are the results plausible or not? Let’s dig into the details of how CBD oil assaults back pain or its all a hoax.

The Science Behind CBD Oil

First of all, what is CBD oil? For starters, it’s a derivative of the cannabis plant. It’s a cannabinoid, meaning that it’s a substance derived from cannabis. It can also be found in help plants, which are easier to grow than cannabis. People love it because it’s natural. Because of the growing legalization program, CBD oil is becoming more and more popular.

It’s important to know that it doesn’t cause a “high” feeling. Many people feel skeptical about using it just because of this suspicion. The “high” effect from smoking cannabis comes from THC, another cannabinoid.

Researchers are around the globe work hard to find more concrete evidence. Some studies have shown that CBD interacts with the receptors in your brain and immune system. These receptors are tiny proteins that are attached to your cells. They are like the antenna of the cell. What CBD does is neutralize the inflammatory symptoms. The symptoms are the main culprit when dealing with sciatic pain and tailbone pain.

Since back pain is the result of an injury, you need to rest. Sometimes, this rest is impossible when you’re in a world of pain. Adding CBD oil to your life will give you a chance to live pain-free. Pain can sometimes disrupt the recovery from a fracture or a bruise. This is why it’s so beneficial and why it just might be the future of medicine.

Why is CBD oil the Best Choice?

We live in an age where dangerous meds are handed out everywhere. People are so scared of the pain that they are willing to put anything inside of their bodies, just to prevent it. The most frequent meds used for back pain are NSAIDs. NSAID stands for Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug. You may know some of them, like Ibuprofen, Voltaren, Valium or Vicodin.

While these medicines may actually ease the pain, it comes with a heavy price. In many cases, NSAIDs just don’t do the trick. The doctor then prescribes the patient an opioid or even more. These too “smother” the pain, but do damage in the process.

Many pain medications cause incredible damage to the organism. Even normal doses may cause permanent damage to your esophagus. Patients who suffer from back pain often experience pain, ulcers, and constipation. Tailbone pain is often connected with constipation and it’s because of the pain medication.

Opioids are even worse – they cause addiction. They will only function in regulating pain if you never stop taking them. The addiction can cause a patient to spiral into depression and many other bad mental conditions. CBD does none of that. It’s completely non-addictive and natural.

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Even More Good News?

It’s derived using an easy process and it’s not a well-kept secret, like many pain medicine formulas. By using CBD, you think about your life after the pain, too. Most patients think short-term and don’t even consider the risk of putting dangerous drugs in their body.

Alongside the known effects of pain suppression, CBD oil has some other benefits, too:

Reduces inflammation

Inflammation is the subset of many diseases like arthritis, asthma, and tuberculosis. Many pain meds to combat inflammation damage the organs. Patients that received CBD oil for sciatic pain have shown no signs of organ damage. The patients that were given painkillers did, and a lot.

Relaxes the muscles

Exercise works the muscles and relaxes them. That’s why many people opt for gym and yoga after an injury. When dealing with chronic lower back pain, this isn’t possible. If you’re in a lower back brace, your only solution might be CBD oil. It naturally removes the pain. Because of it, you can begin exercising and getting your therapy.

Cures depression

The fear of pain often causes insomnia and mood problems. A lack of sleep and lots of worries on your mind cause depression. Chronic pain and depression are often linked. CBD removes the pain and allows you to use the healing as a motivating factor. People have completely changed their lives after using CBD.

Cures insomnia

Pain-induced insomnia is a big problem for many people. It can cause other health problem. With a lack of sleep, your immune system will be much weaker. CBD calms you down and allows you to sleep like nothing ever happened.

What Does the Future Hold?

CBD research is still in its infancy. Because of that, it’s still considered an experimental treatment. Given the fact that medical and recreational marijuana is becoming legal, things are looking good. This is great news for CBD and other cannabis-made medical aids. More and more money will be pouring into research centers and studies.

Who knows? Maybe, a few years from now, pain meds may be illegal. You might find yourself relaxing from a CBD dose, sitting back and relaxing without any pain at all. CBD studies are improving at a fast rate. Anything can happen.

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The 5 Best CBD Topicals For Pain Relief (Plus 2 Highly Effective THC Balms)

But I don’t engage in physical activity solely because of my woefully wobbly midsection. My sanity depends on it. Truly. In the immortal words of Elle Woods: Endorphins make you happy!

In my early thirties I dabbled in SoulCycle, swimming at the 14th Street Y, and three disastrous attempts at SLT. These days it’s running loops in Central Park, Y7 yoga, and contact combat. And let me tell you, hitting a weekly fitness goal isn’t always easy—especially when you’re rapidly approaching your 40s with a few minor injuries under your belt.

I’m no spring chicken and the occasional bout of soreness is now a fact of life.

So recovery is a big deal. And personally, I’m all about CBD (a.k.a cannabidiol)—the non-psychoactive compound in cannabis. It’s been having a moment these past few years, making appearances in all sorts of wellness and beauty products—from CBD edibles, to capsules, to transdermal patches, and beyond. But make no mistake. It’s not the passing health trend that activated charcoal and golden milk used to be.

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“CBD is extremely anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective. A normal person may use it to prevent conditions such as arthritis or even topically to prevent acne breakouts,” Dr. Shivani Amin, a physician and cannabis expert who is a member of the AMMPA (American Medical Marijuana Physicians Association), says. “I think CBD shows great promise for the future. It all boils down to educating the public about the correct usage and understanding the plant better.”

I’ve long been a fan of edibles and tinctures, but for those who are skeptical of ingesting it, I’m also a big believer in topicals. From lotions and creams to balms and bath bombs, I have experimented with many different kinds—and I’ve come to rely on them for localized pain and reducing inflammation.

But as with any CBD product, there’s no skeleton key that unlocks relief for everyone—you have to find what works for your body. And you certainly have to experiment with different products, brands, and dosages—it’s the only way for you to see which ones really work.

Just know that topicals, unlike edibles, serve a different purpose: They’re primarily for targeted surface areas to address tension, spasms, and muscle pain because CBD applied to the skin doesn’t reach your bloodstream. Think of it as spot treating problematic areas. For instance, if your lower back is shot, apply your preferred product to that area only.

One thing to note, though: Only buy from established brands from licensed dispensaries—not random bodegas, sketchy websites, so-called health food stores, or even Amazon. Always ask for COAs (Certificates of Analysis) to ensure that the topical actually contains the cannabinoids it claims to have. And have an open mind about using CBD topicals incorporated with THC—because those two cannabinoids combined are more effective when addressing inflammation, which is the primary cause of soreness and pain.

“I have treated many patients with chronic conditions with full spectrum CBD and attained great results,” Dr. Amin says. “I also believe the public needs to understand that CBD works in conjunction with THC. Usually this requires at least 3–5% THC to work for serious forms of pain and more chronic medical conditions. I have patients come in with chronic and severe pain expecting to have their pain alleviated with just CBD. Although CBD works well for pain, in many situations patients with severe pain need to have some THC. [The cannabinoids] work synergistically to help ease severe pain.”

Here’s what I have found most effective over the years.


Wildflower was my inaugural topical. At the time, I had just started learning Krav Maga—a rather intense Israeli contact combat sport where there are no real rules. (Except to survive.) And my body was sore all the time those first few months. It didn’t help that I’ve got this existing and highly-bothersome back condition. I was also running a few times a week. But Wildflower’s CBD Cool Stick, which conveniently comes packaged as a roll-on, helped me tremendously. The trick is to apply the cooling stick before your workout or any other physically strenuous activity—not after. Why? Because in my experience, sweat reactivates the cooling components of the Wildflower’s formula. A six–mile run is infinitely more pleasant when you feel the the cream working even when you’ve got a ways to go. Also note that the brand also carries a Healing Stick (500mg) for $75. But it’s got arnica and I’m not exactly fond of the odor it emits through my clothes. However, if you do like arnica-scented everything, go for it.


Unlike Wildflower, Populum comes in gel form. Also: It’s artic. Kind of like a more aggressive Vick’s Vaporub—so much so that you will definitely need to wash your hands after application. (The last thing you need is to accidentally rub your eyes with that stuff still on your digits.) But it’s effective—despite its relatively low dose of CBD. And a little goes a long way. Use it for minor aches and inconveniences—like when you find yourself stiff because you’ve been sitting on your far-from-ergonomic work chair most of the day. And if you find yourself really hurting, I recommend using a topical that contains both THC and CBD. (More on that below.)

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This is every woman’s dream come true. High heels are just not made the way they used to be—stilettos these days are narrower, higher, and pointier. Remember: Louboutin does not concern himself with the comfort of his designs. (He said so himself in the documentary and several other news outlets.) Gone are the days of the sensible heels our grandmothers wore. But alas, sky–high footwear is a necessary evil. So Lord Jones, the wildly–popular CBD company, collaborated with Tamara Mellon to help ease that discomfort. Just dab a little solution onto your feet and wait for your skin to absorb the formula before putting on your four–inch torture device.


Baskin has a lower–dose formula that clocks in at 150mg CBD that costs $20 less. But I say, Go big or go home. Invest in the higher dose if you want real relief all over: It’s meant to be used all over the body versus its cousin, which was specifically created for smaller targeted areas. Beyond that, you can always use the 400mg cream the way you see fit: Nobody is going to stop you if you want to use it only in specific pain points.


This high–dose balm seems to be a crowd favorite, certainly in my household. The jar itself contains two ounces of product. It doesn’t seem like much—But because the consistency of the cream is particularly smooth and spreadable, it glides easily onto the skin and covers more real estate. In terms of relief, you can expect gradual relaxation of the muscles—especially if you’re prone to spasms or simply incredibly tight.


Now this is where we change course. Serious athletes and people suffering from chronic pain will benefit from this lotion. And yes, it’s in a jar but it rubs on like an incredibly light lotion—not at all like a heavy body butter. The main difference is that it contains both THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) in addition to CBD. And that’s a good thing. Both cannabinoids work synergistically together: THC will open up your receptors, enabling your body to absorb and metabolize more CBD. Beyond that, Glow is applied somewhat differently than the rest of the products on this list. Apply a minuscule amount to your pulse points, the insides of your elbows, and the backs of your knees—areas where the skin is at its thinnest. The reasoning: Because of its formula and consistency, your body will absorb the product so that it reaches your bloodstream—unlike many other topicals.


I’m a huge fan of Dixie’s edibles, particularly its Birthday Cake White Chocolate and root beer elixir. But the cannabis company also does a damn fine job with its Synergy CBD and THC combo balm. It’s what I reach for whenever I’m too achy and cannabidiol alone just won’t cut it. It all boils down to the fact that the presence of THC opens up receptors in our bodies to allow for greater CBD absorption.