Cbd oil for vaping no pg vg

1000mg to 5000mg Full Spectrum CBD Vape Oil

CBD and OMEGA Oil become clean energy fuel for your cells, because it boosts CBD Potency and Bio – Availability while increasing long term effect.

Omega + CBD OIL also increases mental clarity, physical relief while calming the mind!

Organic, 3rd party lab tested 99.6% pure NANO GRADE CBD

Cold-Pressed Nano Technology processed to molecular size then fully encapsulated for long release onset therapeutic effects

USDA – Certified Organic, Non-GMO, Less then 0.3% THC Trace CBD Oil

Freshly made from Legal industrial Colorado Grown Hemp

( Bio Activated / Decarboxylated)

Great for Daily Use/ Promotes General Wellness

Naturally Extracted with Stringent Quality Control Measures!

Non-Toxic, and Non-Psychoactive, legal in 50 states.

Products 3rd party lab-tested for quality and purity at 99.65%!

Cbd oil for vaping no pg vg

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1:1 Caramels CBD Delta 9 30MG 30/ct Party Pack


1:1 Peanut Butter Nugs CBD D9 30MG 30/ct Party Pack


1:1 Taffy CBD Delta 9 20MG 40/ct Party Pack

Mothers Day Gift Bundles

CBG “Flower of the Month” Orange Cream (S)

Canna Beverages

Delta 8 50MG Lollipops

Grab & Go CBD Vegan Fruit Squares 6/pack

Grab and Go Gummy 6/packs (CBD D8 D9)

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Reg. $35 100mg

1:1 CBD Delta 9 300MG Chocolate Bar

CBD Flower Smalls 14G

CBD Hemp Pre-Rolls 1G

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Reg. $7 5mg/2oz

Delta 9 THC Power Shot 2oz


Grab & Go Delta 9 THC 5mg Rosé Wine Bears

Delta 9 Edible Samples

CBD CBN CBG Multi-cannabinoid Capsules 30MG

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Reg. $45 150mg

0:1 Delta 9 THC Oil

Delta 8 Flower (Variety of Strains)

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Reg. $100 15/ct

0:1 Delta 9 THC 20MG Vegan Gummies 15/ct

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Reg. $45 150mg

0:1 Delta 9 THC Oil 150MG 60mL (2.5mg/mL)

CBD Sour Kush (H)

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Reg. $60 40/ct

0:1 Delta 9 THC 5mg Rosé Wine Sour Bears 40/count

RESTART RESERVE Special Blend CBD 6/packs

CBD Topical Salves

0:1 Delta 9 THC 45MG Magic Brownie

CBDv Flower Forbidden Fruit (Indica)

Delta 8 10MG Sugar-Free Mints 20/pk

0:1 Delta 9 THC 5MG Brownie Bites

THCV CBD CBDv Oil 30mL 630MG (21MG/mL)

Full Spectrum CBD Oil (600-3000MG) 30mL

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1:1 Caramels CBD Delta 9 30MG 30/ct Party Pack


1:1 Peanut Butter Nugs CBD D9 30MG 30/ct Party Pack


1:1 Taffy CBD Delta 9 20MG 40/ct Party Pack

Mothers Day Gift Bundles






Flower is becoming increasingly more popular as smoking is one of the most bioavailable ways to experience the effects of consuming cannabis. It goes straight to your lungs so the effects are felt more quickly, and because it’s the true plant you’ll benefit from the wide range of strains and terpenes.

Pure CBD – Full Spectrum – Raw Uncut

(NOTE: Our CBG Oils are THC free)

Oil is also referred to as Sublingual Oil. It is the most common CBD application and in our opinion, the most medicinal. Plus our droppers are calibrated so you can always find your desired dose by filling to a specific line on the dropper. Once you fill the dropper with the designated dose of oil, we recommend holding it for up to 60 seconds under your tongue (sublingually!) before swallowing. Oil is a great way to experience the benefits of CBD in an easy to apply application.

Concentrates are becoming more popular as people become familiar with them. As a concentrate, you can consume smaller amounts with a more potent effect.

Wax is a type of concentrate that is categorized by its texture, it is a waxy consistency that has more pliability to it. At RESTART CBD our wax is pure isolate + terpenes.

Shatter is a type of concentrate that is categorized by its texture, it is like it’s name says, a shatter, and can be a little harder to manipulate. At RESTART CBD our shatter is pure isolate + terpenes.

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Salves – Creams- Roll-ons- Face Serum – Soaking Salts

Think of a topical as a great on the spot treatment. The benefit of a topical is being able to apply directly to the impacted area. So if you’re experiencing physical pain, then a topical might be a good approach if the pain is external. But if you’re looking for something all over, or wellness from within, we suggest something that you ingest like an oil or edible.

You might have heard of other cannabinoids. CBG, CBN, and Delta 8 are a few just to name them. With full spectrum products you’re getting combinations of the cannabinoid profiles, but products are now coming to market that highlight these powerful cannabinoids. Look for them throughout our product offering, for example we have a great Delta8 cartridge, and offer CBN in a sublingual oil.

Edibles are known to be delicious, and sneaky as they often have a delayed onset time. With edibles, we recommend keeping track of how many mg you’re consuming and start low, you can always increase. Also since edibles take a while to take effect, if you’re looking for more immediate relief, we suggest something you inhale or a sublingual oil.

CBD Oil – Pet Treats

Just how CBD can benefit you, CBD is also becoming more and more popular for our pets. We find it’s a great remedy for anxious pets whether guests are coming over, a firework show is going off, or a storm is rolling in. Popular applications are either in an oil that you would administer over their food, or for more discretion we have pre-dosed pet treats ready to go too.

E-juice, Pens, Pipes and CBD Vape Cartridges, Glass pipes (assortment varies in Store)

Similar to flower, vaping is fast acting and also a more discrete option compared to the flower which will have a distinct scent profile. You can vape cartridges with a 510 thread count battery which we also offer in the shop. But is popular for its high concentrations and discrete vapor.

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Pure CBD – Full Spectrum – Raw Uncut

Capsules are a popular application for convenience and discretion. Capsules will operate like edibles meaning they will take some time to take effect. But if you’re someone who wants to get in the practice of CBD every day and use it as supplements then capsules could be the avenue for you.

Our TOP Picks

Full Spectrum CBD Oil (600-3000MG) 30mL

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Reg. $35 10-count

0:1 Delta 9 THC 10mg Vegan Gummies

CBD Flower Bubba Kush (I)

CBD D8 CBN Topical Roll-On 975MG


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