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CBD for anxiety, unexpected dramatic weight loss

Hi folks, new to Reddit and CBD. I have an anxiety disorder, and I used to have the odd puff because sometimes it helped. but it was rolling he dice, because if I had too much it could worsen anxiety and panic. About 10 weeks ago, I started taking a 1:1 THC to CBD tincture sublingually before bed. It’s perfect for anxiety, as the CBD seems to offset the THC so I don’t go spiraling into paranoia.

But the thing is, I have lost almost 25 pounds since July (I’m now 180 lbs and 6’4″). I haven’t had much appetite at all, and am eating much less frequently. Doc was concerned so I had blood tests and a scope of my esophagus, stomach, and intestinal tract and everything is perfectly fine. Also, I feel perfectly healthy and in fact I like being lighter. But I am worried that I’m not eating enough calories to maintain a healthy weight.

The question is, could the CBD be suppressing my appetite that much? I’ve read anecdotal accounts and there are a few small studies cited. But I haven’t run across any reports of weight loss quite so dramatic.

CBD oil and how I lost 12 lbs (without even trying)

OK, so a quick bit of background. I’m a 44 year old man who lives in the UK. I’m fit and healthy and did not start taking CBD oil for any particular reason. I was introduced many years ago by a friend suffering from multiple sclerosis who asked me if I cold help source some CBD rich product that was low in THC. That is how I first became aware of CBD (which wasn’t legal in the UK back then).

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Long story short, I was out with a friend a few months back who had bought some cheap and nasty CBD oil and they didn’t like the flavour at all. It was a fruity, spice flavour which tasted really fake. It tasted what I imagine gasoline tastes like.

Anyway, they gave it to me and I started taking it and decided to buy from a more reputable brand online when I had finished that bottle. I bought some cheaper CBD oil which didn’t taste great to be honest but it was a start. I currently use a really nice brand of CBD oil at the minute from Switzerland.

Weight loss details

Anyway, about my weight loss. OK, so I am 187cm, 214lb and pretty lean. Pretty lean as in I go down the gym about 5/6 times a week and run 10k a couple of times a week. I’m actually trying to hit 220lb lean so my CBD experience went against what I was trying to achieve. I was constantly putting on lean mass up until I started with CBD oil.

My calorie intake is high (between 3k / 3.k a day) and I eat quality, high protein food (no junk food but lots of beer still – lol). Over a period of circa 3 months using CBD oil daily (a few drops of 10% CBD every morning and evening) I have steadily lost weight. My diet hasn’t changed, my exercise routine hasn’t changed and the only thing that has changed is my weight since using CBD oil. I honestly cannot think of anything else which would affect it so greatly.

I’m currently a steady 202lb (If I lose any more weight I’m stopping the CBD oil).

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Anyway, obviously this is anecdotical as it’s my personal experience and different body types, lifestyles etc will affect this but I have definitely experienced weight loss whilst using CBD.

So, In my experience, if you eat clean, exercise regularly and take CBD oil, it will help in shifting those excess pounds (if you want to that is)