How to vape cbd oil for sleep

How to Vape CBD Oil Properly

Although edibles and oral drops are some of the most popular cannabidiol (CBD) products, if you need a fast, efficient, and discreet way to consume this hemp-derived compound, your best option is using CBD vape oil .

By inhaling CBD as opposed to ingesting it, you’re giving it direct access to your bloodstream through your lungs. Your body doesn’t need to digest or metabolize it, so you can expect quick results. You’ll notice the beneficial effects of CBD start to take place within minutes, or even seconds at times.

However, before you jump the gun and start vaping CBD, it’s essential to learn more about it. While CBD vape liquids are convenient and effective, they’re somewhat particular. You’ll need to know how to vape them properly.

So, let’s see the right way to vape CBD.

Get Your Dosage Right

As with any CBD product, it’s essential to determine the right dose before using CBD vape oils. If the dose is too light, you won’t experience any of the benefits you were looking forward to. If it’s too heavy, you might start feeling tired, nauseous, or experience some of the other side-effects of using higher doses.

Getting your CBD dose right will likely take a bit of trial and error. A variety of factors can impact how susceptible you are to CDB’s effects – your body weight and age, metabolism, genetics, diet, mood, health condition, and more.

As a general rule of thumb, most CBD users take between 10mg and 30mg a day, but those with severe chronic pain might need as much as 1000mg a day, for example.

Consult your doctor about the CBD dosage, and follow their advice. You’ll be able to adjust the dose as you go easily.

If it’s your first time vaping CBD, start with a small dose of about 1mg or 2mg and slowly increase it by no more than 5mg at a time. You’ll want to wait at least six hours before you take another dose to see how your body reacts to it.

Most CBD vapes will have about 100mg of CBD, so each puff will give you about 1mg or 2mg.

Use the Right Type of CBD Oil

It’s critical to understand that CBD oil and CBD vape oil are two very different things! Mixing them up is a recipe for a bad time.

CBD oil is edible. You can place a few drops directly into your mouth, or you can even mix it up with food or teas. As long as you don’t expose it to heats higher than 320℉ (160℃), you can even cook with it. However, you cannot vape it.

Edible CBD oil will burn in a vaporizer, losing its potency, ruining your device, and leaving you with a bad taste in your mouth.

CBD vape oil, on the other hand, is for vaping only. It’s placed in a carrier liquid (such as PG and VG that are used in e-liquids) that enables it to be vaporized effectively without losing its potency and without burning.

Never eat or cook with CBD vape oil as it’s not designed for ingestion.

Invest in a High-Quality Vaporizer

Once you have your dosage and the right CBD vape oil, it’s time to focus on the vaping device. You’ll have several options, the most popular of which are:

  • Disposable CBD vape pens
  • CBD cartridges
  • Refillable CBD vape pens and pods
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Disposable pens come at the lowest cost and the highest convenience. They have a built-in battery and coil and come pre-filled with CBD. Once you’ve used up the available CBD vape oil, you simply dispose of the pen and get a new one.

CBD cartridges are pre-filled vape tanks that require a 510-thread battery to work. They contain up to 1ml of CBD, and when you use them up, you need to get a new cartridge, but not a new battery.

Finally, refillable CBD vape pens and pods come with the heftiest initial investment but pay off in the long run. They have the battery, the coil (which needs to be changed on occasion), the tank, and the mouthpiece. You need to get a bottle of CBD vape juice and refill the tank every time you want to vape.

They require some maintenance, constant cleaning, recharging, and coil changing, but they’re generally considered the best option.

Take Slow Draws

Now, to vape CBD properly, you need to go slow and steady, regardless of the type of CBD vaporizer you’re using. Turn on your device, and take a nice slow, 3-second draw. Keep the vapor in your lungs for a few seconds, then slowly exhale.

If you’re a beginner, wait about ten minutes before you take a second draw and notice how CBD affects you.

Average users vape CBD about twice daily, but it all depends on your condition and what you’re trying to achieve with CBD. If you need just an energy boost, a short vape session in the morning might be the most adequate for you. If you’re trying to alleviate chronic pain, you might need to vape CBD several times a day.

Final Thoughts

Vaping CBD properly is relatively easy. You just need to determine your dose, get the right CBD vape oil, find a good vaporizer and enjoy slow and steady vaping. Remember to start slowly and work your way up to ensure the best effects.

How Vaping CBD Oil For Sleep Can Transform Your Bedtime Routine

Sleep problems and disorders are commonplace amongst American adults, according to a report by the Centers for Disease Control that found more than a third of adults are not getting the recommended seven or more hours of sleep.

Before the CBD industry made its debut in health and wellness routines, sleep issues were predominantly treated with sleeping pills. Even though those medications are also associated with higher mortality rates and a 35 percent higher chance of developing cancer .

Through evolving research and anecdotal evidence, vaping CBD oil for insomnia or sleep is becoming a popular alternative to traditional sleep medications. Keep reading to understand how vaping CBD oil can transform your bedtime routine.

The benefits of CBD for sleep

CBD interacts with receptors in the body’s Endocannabinoid System to, directly and indirectly, benefit and improve sleep.

Although to understand how CBD can benefit sleeplessness, you first have to understand that sleep problems are often caused by underlying issues, like mental health disorders, environmental factors, certain medications and physical ailments.

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While CBD research is still in its infancy, there are studies and reports that suggest CBD can not only directly help manage these conditions and situations, but also subsequent sleeplessness too.

For instance, this 2019 study explores how cannabidiol improves anxiety and sleep. The study included 72 subjects who were given 25 milligrams of CBD every day. Within a month, 79.2 percent of the patients reported lower anxiety levels, while 66.7 percent acknowledged better sleep patterns too.

There are also preliminary studies focusing on CBD’s effects on chronic pain and Parkinson’s disease that also found a correlation between CBD and reductions in these ailments and symptoms, like disrupted sleep cycles.

CBD for sleep has the potential to be a safe, non-habit-forming, natural alternative for your health and wellness routine.

Does CBD for insomnia work?

Although there is more research on how CBD indirectly benefits sleep through managing anxiety and pain, scientists are starting to discover that directly using CBD for insomnia treatment may work.

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that makes it difficult to fall asleep and/or stay asleep throughout the night. According to the American Psychiatric Association , six to 10 percent of adults in America struggle with insomnia and its symptoms. It’s also the most common sleep disorder that people face.

In recent years, scientists have focused on insomnia and studies that suggest one of the receptors interacting with CBD in the Endocannabinoid System plays a role in the sleep/wake cycle. This study published in the Journal of Clinical Pharmacology even found that the subjects who actually took 160 mg of CBD reported improved sleep rather than those who took the placebo. Science continues to make positive gains towards not only understanding the benefits of CBD usage and sleep, but also how insomnia can be better managed.

The positive research does not just focus on insomnia, but REM Sleep Behavior Disorder too. Although CBD research is in its preliminary stages, the studies continue to be promising for a future in treating and managing sleeplessness, grogginess and other sleep issues with CBD.

Does vaping CBD oil for sleep work?

When it comes to CBD, it’s important to understand the benefits of the chemical compound, the best ingestion methods and the ideal dosages for your needs and ideal cannabis experience. When comparing vapes to capsules, edibles and tinctures, vaping CBD oil for sleep works best.

Why does vaping CBD oil for sleep work best? Each CBD consumption method has a different level of bioavailability. Bioavailability references how much CBD content actually absorbs into your bloodstream, and vaping has the highest bioavailability because you’re inhaling it directly. CBD tinctures have a 20 to 30 percent absorption rate, while CBD vape oil ranges anywhere from 40 to 50 percent.

How vaping CBD helps with sleep

Vaping CBD helps with sleep beyond just its high bioavailability potential. It’s not only an efficient option, but also an effective product. Here’s why:

  • Vaping CBD does not require a prescription.
  • Vapes are generally odorless, which makes for a great nightstand accessory.
  • Compared to other methods, CBD oil vapes use the least amount of substance, while achieving potent effects. This means it’s also an affordable and sustainable option for you and your wallet.
  • Vaping CBD oil not only uses the least amount of product for optimal relief, but it also reaches the bloodstream faster than any other consumption method so you will feel fast-acting relief.
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Vaping CBD oil helps sleep because it acts quickly against your underlying sleep conditions, like pain and anxiety, while simultaneously relaxing and preparing your body and mind for a full night’s sleep.

How to vape CBD for sleep

So now you know why you should use a vape pen for sleep, but how do you use one that will optimize your cannabis experience for sleep?

First things first, purchase CBD vape oil and a CBD vape pen from reputable brands, like Vessel . Remember that in the unregulated cannabis industry it’s important to research and purchase by quality over quantity.

Vape temperature and timing are also other important factors to create the ideal experience.

Setting your vape temperature to around a high 400°F will make the effects of CBD the most pronounced as opposed to lower temperatures because the heat engages the cannabinoids necessary in promoting relaxation and sleep.

Since vaping makes you feel the effects of CBD quickly, adding a vape session to the end of your bedtime routine is the perfect nightcap.

To sum it up

Lying awake at night, while fighting grogginess and sleep during the day is a frustratingly common issue amongst the general population, especially for those who also want to avoid the detrimental side effects of pharmaceutical sleeping pills. But as the cannabis industry continues to make its mark on the health and wellness sector, vaping CBD oil is becoming a popular natural alternative for sleep problems and disorders. Although scientists are just in the infancy of cannabidiol discovery, the present reports and findings are positive indicators towards the benefits of vaping CBD oil to combat sleep issues.

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