Machine for harvesting cbd oil


Mobius takes the complexity out of harvesting by offering the world’s best cannabis trimming machines. Our machines are engineered for ease of use, scalable output, and safety. They disassemble by hand in minutes, and are so simple to clean that GMP-certified workflows are easily accommodated. Plant material bucked, trimmed, and milled by Mobius equipment rivals product processed by hand.

Backed by harvest consulting experience earned in facilities around the world, top-tier customer service, and an immersive training academy to help you maximize your investment, our bucking, trimming, and milling equipment is quickly becoming the unrivaled global standard for cannabis processing.

Once you’ve tried Mobius cannabis trimming machines, you won’t imagine using anything else.


The KIRPY CBD Hemp Harvester is an automatic, whole plant harvester for cutting, notching, and loading entire plants. Capable of processing up to 5 acres per day, the KIRPY Hemp Harvester makes quick work of large-scale hemp crops.

Rapid Harvests


Process up to 5 acres of CBD hemp or cannabis in a single day while keeping the plants off the ground and structurally pristine.


Harvest CBD hemp with a stalk diameter of up to 2.5″ and a height of up to 5′. Designed to for commercially grown CBD hemp flowers.


Quickly load a follow trailer or truck for rapid harvesting with minimal labor. With a total working width of approximately 12 feet, the CBD hemp harvester can be matched to most tractors and trailers.


After rigorously testing the original KIRPY tobacco harvester on hemp, the machine was re-engineered and strengthened to meet the unique demands of the hemp plant. The result is the KIRPY CBD hemp harvester, designed and built from the ground up for fast, worry-free hemp harvests.

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Designed for tractors with a PTO drive and 40 HP, the CBD hemp harvester can be raised and lowered to adapt to field and crop conditions. The CBD hemp harvester can handle flat and sloping terrain.

Machine for harvesting cbd oil

October 2020: The first HHHarvester proof performance in industrial hemp and in CDB Marijuana

For family farms, specialty growers, cooperatives

Henry’s Hemp Harvester (HHH) brings dependability and unique customer engagement to the critical process of putting specialized hemp harvesting and processing equipment to work for your operation. With a basic two-unit model, our system opens the door for small and medium-size farms to gain efficiency, expand cropland and farmable acreage, and get an edge in overall competitiveness. With HHH technology, your hemp operation will gain independence from weather conditions that can be a headache for outdoor hand-harvesting operations. The harvester facilitates bud production in countries with high labor costs.

*Optional equipment, VAT and shipping extra

Harvest 0.25 ha (0.6 acres) per hour per module

The HHHarvester gently strips the plant’s flowers and severs the stems in one pass, employing a patented stripping mechanism that collects flowers as if they were hand-picked. The flowers can be collected in a bag or container, while the hemp stalks are left in the field for retting. Depending on plant maturity at the time of harvesting, it’s also possible to shake out the seeds, completing a triple yield.

The HHH edge

We will engage very closely with our first customers as beta testers, and during the harvest will provide full service for spare parts, share our experience and consult on how to optimize the use of the technology. Key advantages of the HHHarvester:

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