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Quality CBD locally?

Anyone regularly buying CBD regularly and can recommend any locations that aren’t overpriced but have actual quality products? I see them sold everywhere now from gas stations to head shops to vape shops. Just looking for something that’ll actually help with medical issues. Thanks!

Girlfriend Bought Hempworx brand CBD. Googled “Hempworx Reddit”. overpriced MLM shit. Same thread a redditer recommended “Lazarus Naturals”. Looked them up and they’re legit. Oregon based company that grows their own Hemp and they even offer an assistance program for low income and Veterans.

I used their store locator and got mine at Marley’s Tobacco near UCF. $70’ish bucks for a big 120ml bottle (15mg CBD per 1 ml dropper). Way more affordable than other companies I’ve briefly researched.

I just started using it a month ago, and I gotta say. The shit works. High stress job and the anxiety is highly minimised. Blood pressure/addrenaline like spikes during high stress moments are much less intense? Just takes the edge off. I sleep better to boot. I take 1ml when I wake up, and one ml about an hour before bed.

Hope this helps

Edit: This is over the counter CBD. It does give a sense of overall general wellness and relaxation. Don’t like throwing names out online without permission, but an employee at Marley’s (awesome dude) described it best “feels like you just got done with a massage”. That’s pretty accurate.

Where is the best CBD oil ?

I usually purchase various cannabis goods at Trulieve in Venice, Fl. I like Trulieve, but don’t like their CBD oil. It has something called MCT oil in it and MCT doesn’t agree with me.

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I’ve been to Surterra in North Port, but not crazy about that place. Was wondering where else I can purchase a tincture as well as a vape . Thanks for any info!

I prefer CBD product to use is the CBD Hemp Oil by Calm. Aside from THC, CBD are present to be found inside the cannabis plant and are well-known chemical compounds . However, like the THC, CBD doesn’t build psychoactive effect . CBD products relieves stress and pain, promotes better sleep, and even reducing the anxious feeling. Cannabidoil won’t get you high and it may have even real health benefits too. In fact, their products are 0% THC which are legal and ideal to its users

How about their gummies? Have you tried it? Just want to make sure before I purchase a product from Calm, by WEllness Co. there is a positive review that I could get. Long before, I’ve been using a different brand but seems this CBD product goes viral on Youtube because of it’s best tasting CBD & something like backed by scientific research. Is that true?

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CBD being the mainstream brought me into finding facts about it which lead me to the best discovery I’ve ever done. Unintentionally I’ve found the best remedy for my anxiety and Insomnia which is Calm by Wellness co CBD, before using it, I tried different brands but it didn’t satisfy me so I looked for more CBD brands for anxiety and Insomnia until I watched a review about it. Calm by Wellness co CBD has the highest grade domestically grown hemp plants grown in Colorado. Their superior quality tinctures contain a proprietary blend of American grown Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp CBD Oil with no detectable traces of THC that’s I trusted this brand and made it my partner.

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