Sell cbd oil online for cash

How To Make Money Selling Cbd Oil Online (Hemp Oil)

Now is the right time to find out how to make money selling CBD Oil online.

It is legal to sell CBD products online in all 50 states of the US as long as the oil is sourced from industrial hemp and the THC content is below 0.3%.

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the stuff that gives ‘POT HEADS’ the high they like and IS NOT contained in CBD (Cannabidiol).

A variety of CBD products have hit the market in the last 18 months or so, and they come in different shapes and forms.

Consumers, knowing already about the positive health effects of CBD Oils, buying Cremes, Capsules, Pills, Gummies, Brownies, Bath Bombs and even Inhalers.

And now is the time to jump on the ‘hemp oil bandwagon‘ and make money with this opportunity. So, hang with me for a bit and I show you how to sell cbd online.

The Right Time To Make Money Selling CBD Oil Is Now

Legalization of hemp products was over due and embraced by eager consumers. Take a look at the retail estimates for the next 4 years.

Obviously, the market potential is staggering. In addition, more and more people understand that you can‘t get high from hemp, CBD hemp oil or CBD products.

And slowly, but surely, the health benefits from using hemp products are being acknowledged and accepted by our medical establishment.

And last but not least, the CBD Market is still in its infancy and has only scratched the volume of potential long term customers.

After careful consideration, you’ve decided to make money by selling CBD Oil products. Let’s take a look at what it takes to get started and up and running as fast as possible.

How CBD Can Benefit YOU!

CBD News, Reviews

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Types of CBD Products

CBD Treats for your Pet

Ways To Sell CBD Oils Online

There are different ways to sell stuff online and I am going to give you a quick overview:

Selling CBD Oils With eCommerce Shop

You can set-up an eCommence store with Shopify or Bigcommerce, They provide you with pre-build online storefronts that can be personalized and populated with any product offers you wish. That also includes a payment processor accepting a variety of credit cards and PayPal or Wallet.

The cost for your online store starts at about $30 per month. This is based on the number of products you carry and how many transactions are being processed.

Shipping the product will be your responsibility, as will be the handling of product returns. Of course, this requires to purchase product and keep inventory on hand to guarantee timely delivery to your customers.

Joining an MLM Pyramid To Sell CBD Oils Online

As soon as the sale of CBD products derived from hemp was legalized in the State of Utah, Hempworx started operating its Multi Level Marketing pyramid.

Avon, Mary Kay and Amway may be the most popular MLMs, but there are a myriad of companies out there using this business model to sell their products.

However, there are some big problems with MLM that need to be brought to your attention.

  • When you sign-up as independent contractor, you MUST sign a ‘standing order‘ for a certain amount of product, also called ‘auto-ship‘ program. If you decline, you will NOT qualify for certain commissions
  • You will have to recruit new members to build your down line for recurring commissions
  • Retail sales are only a very small percentage of your commissions
  • The products are way over priced
  • Less than 2% of participating members make money, and that’s a proven fact

MLM is definitely not the way to go. you want to MAKE money, not lose it, right?

That brings me to the best way how to make money selling CBD OIL Online

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Affiliate Marketing – Best Way To Sell CBD Oil Online

The concept of Affiliate Marketing is pretty simple:

The Affiliate Marketer promotes the products or service of a merchant or provider, and receives commission if a sale is consummated.

Below are some of the benefits using Affiliate Marketing to promote CBD Oil products:

  • You can get started on a small budget (I can show you how to start 100% FREE)
  • No Inventory of product
  • There is no need for customer support
  • You can offer different brands
  • Very low overhead cost running your online business
  • Recruiting members to earn ‘commission’ not necessary

However, what I like best about Affiliate Marketing is the fact that you are totally in control of all aspects of your business. You are NOT stuck with a certain product or merchant, and you can promote as many different brands as you like.

You are able to create your own email list, and target the subscribers with different product offers.

How exactly is that working, you ask? Well, there are 4 simple steps .

  1. Pick a Niche – already done because our Niche is CBD Oil
  2. Determine your method of promoting product (Landing Page or Website)
  3. Broker Sales, earn commissions

We can put a check mark behind step 1, but let’s find out what we actually have to do still.

Landing Page vs Website

Usually, a Landing Page, aka squeeze page, is used when email marketing is the vehicle to promote product. This requires that the advertiser has a huge list of potential customers. If you don’t have a list, you can promote your product by using other people’s email lists by buying Solo Ads.

Another way to drive traffic to that landing page is Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising or paying for Facebook Ads. However, these methods are very expensive and cannot be recommended.

A much better, albeit slower way to drive targeted traffic to your product offers is via your OWN Website.

First of all, you will be 100% in charge of your business. And secondly, you are not limited in the ways to generate traffic. You own site gives you the ability to generate a lot of FREE and targeted traffic from people’s web searches.

Let me give you just one example.

I did a keyword search ‘where to buy cbd oil‘ and the result shows that there are 8,300 searches per month with exactly this phrase on the internet. It also shows that you can expect 1,403 visits per month IF an article or blog with this title ranks on page 1 in Google search result.

That’s FREE traffic of 1,400 potential buyers of the products you promote.

That makes it obvious that the best way to make money selling CBD oil online is with Affiliate Marketing and your own website.

You’ve decided on your Niche and chose to go the Affiliate Marketing way with your own website. While you are busy learning the trade and building your site, you also must decide on the products to promote.

How To Find Product To Promote

There is no shortage of merchants with lots of products. Some of them have their own Affiliate Program, others use one of the large Affiliate Networks. I even found help full information on how to start a cbd oil business on a couple of merchant sites.

Affiliate Networks

Here are the links to affiliate networks that handle the process for merchants

How to Sell CBD Online 2022 | 7 Simple Steps

It seems that CBD (cannabidiol) is suddenly everywhere you look. Health stores, high streets, pharmacies, and even coffee shops are all excitedly stocking their shelves with CBD products. It’s a craze that’s quickly gathered momentum, and is set to keep growing over the coming years.

It’s been forecast that the CBD market in the US alone will exceed a whopping $20 billion by 2024 – so if you’re looking for an opportunity in a growing market, you’re in the right place to get in on this CBD revolution.

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But selling CBD comes with its own unique set of challenges – especially if you’re selling online.

To help you set up your budding CBD business for success, we’ve put together this extensive guide to walk you through the tips and trip-ups that every CBD seller should know. We’ll ask important questions like “What is CBD?” and “Is it legal?” before walking you through the seven steps to setting up your own CBD online store:

How to Sell CBD Online – 7 Simple Steps

We’ll also give you an insider tip on the most common CBD mistakes to avoid, and offer advice from experts who’ve been through it all themselves.

If you’re ready to become part of a global, lucrative, and sometimes controversial movement, then read on and get ready to start your own CBD online business!

Now seems like a good time to point out that this article is primarily aimed at US sellers.

CBD laws in other regions may differ from the information given in this guide, so double check your local legislation before launching your business.

We’re not lawyers here at Website Builder Expert – we’re more into techy stuff – so please always seek legal advice to check your CBD business is all above board. Happy CBD selling!

What Is CBD?

Let’s start with the basics, because there’s a lot of confusion and misunderstanding around what CBD actually is. CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the main ingredients of cannabis – but don’t let that put you off.

CBD isn’t psychoactive – that means it’s not responsible for any of the “high” symptoms associated with cannabis (like paranoia or euphoria). The ingredient of cannabis that causes those symptoms is called THC.

You can get CBD from both hemp and marijuana plants. This guide will focus on hemp-derived CBD, because it contains much less THC – around 0.3%, which is the legal limit allowed when selling CBD products (we’ll cover the legal side of selling CBD next).

Why Do People Use CBD?

So, why is CBD so popular? Well, people believe it has medical benefits without the negative side effects that come with THC. These benefits include helping to:

  • Relieve pain
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Relieve anxiety and depression
  • Ease migraines and nausea
  • Decrease seizures

Did you know? A drug containing CBD, called Epidiolex, was approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in 2018. This drug is used to treat rare forms of epilepsy, and was the first (and so far only) prescription drug to contain CBD.

There are plenty of different CBD products available. The main types include:

  • CBD tinctures – place a couple of drops under the tongue.
  • Edible CBD products – such as CBD infused chocolate, or adding it to coffee!
  • CBD creams – applied directly to the skin to help with inflammation or arthritis.
  • CBD capsules – tablets are a fast and familiar way of taking CBD.
  • CBD isolates – “purified” CBD that has been turned into a powder.
  • CBD vaporizers – vaping delivers quick results, and is a popular method of taking CBD.
  • CBD patches – similar to nicotine patches, this gradually releases CBD into the body.
  • CBD for pets – our four-legged friends can benefit from CBD, too!

That’s quite a list, and it’s barely scratched the surface of all the ways CBD can be taken. Nasal sprays, lollipops, and CBD oil-infused candles are just three examples of how you can get creative within these product categories.

Okay, so CBD won’t get you high, and there’s a wide range of product types to choose from. But is anyone actually reaching into their pockets to buy CBD products? What if this is just a passing craze?

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Unfortunately, we can’t see into the future, but all signs and statistics are pointing towards CBD becoming a booming industry. The Farm Bill, passed in December 2018, has been largely responsible for the surge in CBD sales.

The bill allows farmers to legally grow hemp, opening the door for the CBD market to boom…

…and boom it did!

For starters, the US CBD market saw a growth of 562% from 2018 to 2019, and it doesn’t seem to be tiring after such an explosive sprint off the starting blocks.

As many as 14% of Americans say they use CBD. Treating pain was the biggest reason given, with anxiety the second most common cause for turning to CBD products.

Is CBD Legal?

A lot of the confusion around CBD is to do with the legalities of selling, buying, and using it. So we’ve picked out the key things you should know about the legal side of selling CBD online.

The first thing to make clear is that, yes, CBD is federally legal in the USA, as long as it meets certain requirements.

It is federally legal to sell hemp-derived CBD in the US, as long as it only contains up to 0.3% THC. If your CBD product contains more than 0.3% THC, it is legally defined as marijuana – not something you want to be selling!

Despite this, you do need to be careful – or at least mindful – about how you approach selling CBD online.

For one, different states have different rules and restrictions around CBD, and don’t always match up with the federal law. Because of this, you must always check your local legislation to make sure you’re not breaking any rules.

For example, some states require CBD to have 0% THC rather than 0.3%, and in a few states any CBD is still illegal.

Aside from always checking your state’s laws, there are two main things to know:

1. You can’t make medical claims about CBD

We know, this seems designed specifically to trip up CBD sellers. While the main reason most people use CBD is for its medical benefits, you can’t make grand medical claims when selling CBD products.

This is because CBD hasn’t been officially researched or approved by the FDA – until more is known about the effects of CBD, you simply can’t make claims about its medical benefits.

For example, you shouldn’t advertise on your website that your products can help prevent or cure serious illnesses like cancer or Alzheimer’s. Be careful about what you’re promising your customers, and always ask yourself what evidence you have to back up these claims.

Top Tip! Evidence should be scientific, rather than anecdotal – e.g. “my great aunt Gladys took CBD and it magically cured her overnight”. The internet is full of stories like these, and unsurprisingly, they won’t protect your business from FDA warnings.

Like many other natural drugs, CBD can interfere with other medications, which is why it’s especially important to be careful with your marketing. In short, you can sell CBD, but you can’t start promising to treat people with it.

2. US sellers should avoid CBD edibles

While CBD edibles are legal in other countries like the UK, and are a familiar sight on US shelves, they’re actually illegal under US law. The FDA has banned adding CBD to food and drink under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

Until that changes – if it ever does – it’s best to avoid selling CBD edibles if you’re based in the US. Some companies market their CBD products as “dietary supplements” – do not do this. (You’ll get in trouble).

Instead, pick a CBD product that doesn’t involve food, drink, or diet, and sell safe in the knowledge that your business is totally above board.